He has achieved the most amazing fusion of art and sound from his latest experiment I ever heard.  This will be another indication of how darn good his or Lao music will be. No doubt, this album will be instantly powerful, intricately compelling, has immerse longevity and his unique artistic statement.  More >> . More info Rating:


Willy Denzey, another brilliant R&B artist from France released his third single from the album ACTE II.  Check it out Rating:

At last we have Joey Sisouvath third album.  As documented that last week we interviewed him for our TV section.  His brand new songs uploaded.  If you like what you hear then grab them from music store now.  More info  Rating:


This Hip Hop song from Lao Crimino will surely set a new bench mark for Lao Hip Hop and will become most talked about song of all time in the history of modern Lao music.  This group of Lao Crimino will conquer and lay claim their Hip Hop territory.  There is no shocking rhymes here but smooth, beautiful and perfect .....Pix of Lao Crimino  More info Rating:

Mike Phetcharene

Music InterVIEW


laopress.com:  How would you describe the resulting sound of your new CD?

Mike P     IT ROCKS!!!  Mixture of everything. U can call it rock or pop, but I  called it Mike's Sound!!

laopress.com: What give you inspiration to make this album?

Mike P     Fame and fortune!! lol .. Love and Hate, Peace and War.     People around me.

laopress.com: You have so many hit songs, was there any added pressure in recording new album?

Mike P     There was some pressure, but it came from the like of The Exile, Noy  Sydanon, Joey and other great Lao artists out there who've put out  great and  better albums. I was trying to create works that, if not up to their standards,  at least make it sounds ok.

laopress.com:  When you are writing a song which song comes easily to you - the more upbeat (rock) or ballads (pop)?

Mike P     I would say angry, fun upbeat songs. I'm bad at writing slow love songs....I've been trying for ages. But having said that, my first recorded song was love song.

laopress.com: Do you write your own music?

Mike P     I do, but for this album, I rather used the best writers when I had a  chance, right?. So most of them were written by Bro Xay Phounsavan the rest  were by Virasay Sacdpraseth (Da best music producer), Bro No (Dejavu) and  myself.

laopress.com: What is your favourite song in new CD?

Mike P     All of them. Don't u think? but I like  'Pai Tud Sin' (track5) a little  bit more, I wrote this song long time ago (when I was younger and shy) it takes  me back to high school days.  And the beat and arrangement is very much to my  liking. Simple and funnnn.

laopress.com: What music are you listening to at the moment?

Mike P     CREED and Any thing that made by Lao, like LaoFM99.9!!

laopress.com: Who do you admire in Lao music?

Mike P     All hard working Lao artists out there, despite losing money but still  continue making music. That is admirable.  But musically, It has to be Mr  Voradeth Ditthavong and The Exile.

laopress.com: Have you got what you want out of music career?

Mike P     No. I'm still trying to get into music career.

laopress.com: What is tough about being in spotlight?

Mike P     It's really tough. I can't go out without people recognise me.   Hehhehehe... actually, it's not hard, cos' everyone is already in spotlight.   Including u. we all are, we are family, we are Lao!!

laopress.com: What artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Mike P     Right now, I'd love to work with The Exile (maybe clean the guitar or mic  for them), Mr Voradeth (would be real inspirational just to hum along when he  sings), Noy Sydanon (it would rock, if I could get him to play in one of my song) and The beautiful Alexandra (even if I have to take a dance lesson!). The list goes on....

laopress.com:  As a singer songwriter, MC at FM99.9 - Sydney, sings in Jumba band, do your own music video, how the hell do you find time?

Mike P     Sorry mate, that's a secret! If I tell you, I have to kill you. But I'll  tell you something, DON'T
                     believe everything you
                     read about me!!! :)

laopress.com:  Any hobby? Sport, movie, etc....

Mike P     I love watching.... movie and enjoy (trying to) making it too. It changes  with time and mood.

laopress.com: Favourite food.

Mike P     Mum's Or Laam with sticky rice. I can't live with out them!

laopress.com: By the way, how is FM99.9 - Sydney doing?

Mike P     Great. The only place you can hear the Best, New, Quality Lao Music.

laopress.com:  Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Mike P     I'd just like to thanks Khon Lao took khon, who bought and listen to Lao  music, without you there won't be any good new Lao artists out there. And you,  thanks for your support, without people like you no one would know of my new
 album nor would I know there are sexy Pamela and  Alexandra who sings Lao  songs.

laopress.com:  What's the best thing being rock/pop star?

 Mike P    Crikey!!!  Who's a rock star?? So you're the one who've been spreading the rumour.   No, I'm not rock star (I wish I was), but having an opportunity to record and
 release CD is great fun and if people like my works then that's a bonus.







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