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Watch this beautiful, chic, cool, exclusive, innovative and inspirational music video by Takounlao.  This song is beautifully written and sung.  It's Vientiane Soul, a tribute to our heritage, Nakhone Luang Vientiane.  It doesn't matter where we are on this round Earth, still, we're thinking of Vientiane.  This soul music was sent in to us by Song Writer and Multimedia Advisor, Saysana Souvannavong. 

Artist:  Viengxay Swan . Lyric/written by: S Adysone



Another rising star from Laos is young sensation Noymany Sokeosy.  We have two excellent songs by this handsome young man from down town Vientiane.  They are beautiful Kid Hot Jing Toma and unforgetable Pibomay i Kohug.  These two outstanding songs are typical example of Noymany's songs.  They are from VideoCD album known as Yamae Mobile Phone.  This style of his Lao classical folk music is called Lum Lern.  More info>>>



Introducing another Lao super star, Malaythong Yingswat known as Panoy.  She is also well known across other side of Mekong river.  She had travelled thousand across the ocean to the United States of America to perform.  This type of Lao classical music in Laos is known as Lum Pern.  Lao classical music in digital and modern society or known as western civilisations are very popular amongst expatriates.  For info>>>>>



Two excellent of Lao southern folk songs from two masters of Lum from Champasack province, Ajarn Sangswan and Lasmy.  Master Sangswan spits his Lum Konswan.    it's still very popular there.  Lum Putai is by Lasmy Kalothong.   These are two great classic style of Lums coming from the southern part of Laos.  So enjoy these two popular Lao folk songs. More info>>>>>



if you like to annoy the hell out of your neighbours.   Try on this song and turn the volume up very, very loud.  I can bet you any money that they will go absolutely ape.  More >>


On the weekend, we ended up gatecrashing Lao PDR Embassy.  They had Laos New Year party there.

We were entertained by a well-known local band. Guessed who ended up singing, His Excellency.  Maybe he should consider quitting politics and become a singer.   

Laopress.com had a short documentary of the night.  Get your popcorn and drink ready, you will enjoy  Cheer! 



Jumpa is a brand new band form to satisfy the needs of Lao youths’ appetite for pop music. This quartet is the most recognisable individual in their own right, talented, musical magician, and famed sex symbol. More info>>>


He has been overloaded with works and has been touring across the USA.  He is just getting better and better, isn’t he?  How good is this guy?  He always seems to come up with hit after hit.  You can be proud of this fine Lao singer.  Where-ever we are in this world, we, Laotian always support and love one another.  More info>>>


This is a short documentary of young Lao friends who enjoy getting together on the weekend to exchange ideas, have LARB, and keep Lao customs & traditions alive.  In this short movie you will learn how to cook one of Lao traditional cuisine, LARB LEUN PET (meaning Bloody Duck Larb).



We introduce you Deune  Vilada. Another country super star who performed at recent concert in Laos.  The rising star is shining.  She delivers a true high standard country song.  This means her voice have more clarity, believable, sexy and thus gives you a more enjoying listening experience.   Vilada, not only is she a stunning beauty but a talented and gifted singer. More info>>>



His top hit song is "Phu Kao Kaun".  It released, well almost ten years ago from album "Saparnhug Lao-Thai" with the same company that produced Lao Heavy, The Sapphire. 

Now he is back with two friends - Gydaophet and Suthin..  New album will be known as "3 Tigers".   Here is a sneak preview of their new music video. This song is produced and written by Panya Phanthapanith, One of the four owners of SS Flair Records Group.  More info>>>


Once again laopress.com has  trailer of a documentary of Laos New Year shot at Lao temple in Sydney, AU.

Girls, boys, mums, dads, singers,  politicians and local communities witnessed one of memorable Laos New Year in AU.  laopress.com was there to document the history.  In this short documentary you will see how we celebrate our new year in AU.



After the release of his talk about debut album "Joey, Kid Tung" , Joey has been very busy.

Very busy indeed. He’s already been working on his second album. If you are the lucky ones who get your hands on his first CD then you know exactly what sort of music he is into.

Four brand new songs uploaded.  If you like what you hear then grab it from music store now.  More info>>>


What Is Luv? 

Come Alive

The boy's debut great album has debatable songs in our modern time.  It is known as "SAO LAO HOA DANG" for obvious reasons. 

The release of his first album is sure escalating his unstoppable rise to stardom.  He plays piano and sax. Xay "Special thanks to Ang, Noi and Tony for making this CD possible".  More info >>>



The next big Lao thing?  Well, if you take Mike’s latest album, “Made In Heaven”, as an indication then it is.  It’s out now.  While music is getting angrier and the World is full of chaos and suffering and people are getting nastier, forget them.  Get this CD into your life. This album has ten brand new songs.  Romeos, the illustrious romantic guys on earth, Mike, Xay, Vila, Bay and Pin, write them.  Fans have already tasted few sample tracks from this album from laopress.com – jumbodi, Ya R Lie, Nang NiFun.  They are good.  Other songs in this CD are equally as fabulous or even more.  They’re rock!  There’s serious song writing here.   More info>>>


CELLS BELIEVE (concert in Vientiane, Laos)

They are the biggest, most successful rock band that Laotians have ever seen. Are you ready to rock? 

These guys do know how to make Lao noise and Laotian around the global are going to love it.  Cells’ debut album delivers the blustering, thundering sound.   It’s the finest Laos made rock.  More info >>>>


Zaoji nignarndong - Lum (Lao folk song) -

Kuptum Onluck - lum (Lao folk song)

Northern style of Lum



Did you know we uploaded two more Lao traditional music videos for your indulgence.  This type of music style is locally known as KUP TOOM.  It's one of many Lums (Lao folk music).   As well documented, these days our young rising hip hop artists fuse these variety of Lao Lum styles with modern sounds to give  their new songs a distinctive favour uncommon with urban and hip hop scene today.  The impressive line up includes Lao's own hip hop players such as Gumby, Illphatic, Laos Family, Supasang, Doeboy, Ting, Singhey etc.....  So see for yourself how it starts.  This is Kup Toom.



Exclusive television interview with our young lady medical doctor who recently graduated from University.  Find out who she is, what she wanted to do when she was younger, who inspired her to become doctor, does she listen to music, will she ever go to Laos as a doctor to work, and more importantly does she has any ……..More info>>>>



TELEVISION INTERVIEW ( Andy interviewed Joey)  More info


TELEVISION INTERVIEW (Vicky interviewed Andy) More info



More info

Champa Vientiane (Fashion Parade) / So Bad So Good / Kosabarn     More info

1 Vera   More info



TV INTERVIEW (Andy interviewed FLIP)

Everyone's asking for these guys, so here they come. Lao's hip-hop new comer Laos Original Ganstaz are renowned for their pure energy.  Their new single sets to blow the roof off.  A song they do for Tango commercial.  Once again we present you the brand new song in the never-ending pursuit for the Original.  More info>>>>



TV Interview (Andy interviewed Sith)

Music Video

Recently, I had a chat with Lao super star, Sithiphone Souvannasouk. Don't miss our world exclusive interview with this famous star. He talked about his music, concerts, the band - techno friend, new album etc...   more info>>


Laopress.com has secured world exclusive interview with Dr Kitsana Manivong, a Board Director of the largest Laotian community in Australia, Lao Community Advancement (NSW) Co-operative limited. His portfolio falls under Laotian Youth. He is also an active member of YLAG.

He talks about current initiatives and those currently are being understudied which will bring Laotian together for good cause, fun and games, multifunction hall, activities for Youth, global Laotians, future of Lao Advancement Co-op, his plans and visions for the future.

I took two weeks off to travel from Vang Vieng all the way down to the very end of the southern Province of Champasak, Lee Pee.  We had so much fun. This video is the result of the recent tour around Vientiane City Centre only.  More info>>

HIT SONGS: Kengji & Qonkito


Breathtaking is the word to describe this young, beautiful, articulated, talented ALEXANDRA, another hot, up and coming Lao artist.  Here comes sixteen year-old Thidavanh Bounxouay is a new phenomenon in the entertainment scene in Laos.  More info about Thidavanh Bounxouay>>>


TV interview with TV Host Andy  More info>>>


1.  JUMBO lies  2.  Ya R Liar  3. Fun

 Music Video from latest album  More info>>>

Mike talked about his new album, music video, country he wants to do concert, his music, his very first song he recorded, an artist who influence his music most, and story behind one of his greatest hit song.  More info>>>



This video shot in Grand Canyon, Arizona.  Come and fly with me.  To add colour & sound to my life and be more adventurous I decided to add this superb song to it.


Music Video 

1. Luv Ya   2. Go Away   Music Video  More info       

TV interview

TV interview with Host Andy  More info

joey talked about his next album, artists  who he wants to work with, world tour, modern lao music and music in laos. You can listen to joey's new song here. 


Jumpa is a brand new band form to satisfy the needs of Lao youths’ appetite for pop music. This quartet is the most recognisable individual in their own right, talented, musical magician, and famed sex symbol. 

Here is the make up of JUMPA


WelCome 2 LaoS - Listen to the latest song from Laos latest sensation, red hot rock singer KongLa Noumsumphan.  Visit Laos because there are plenty to see and do.  More>>


SUBJECT: Lao Cultural Show

PARTICULAR: If you haven't been to Laos to see the ultimate Cultural Show, this is the great video to watch.  You will be charmed by Laotian civil soft cultures through music and dances.  Thrill to the exciting rhythms of Laotian prideland. The awesome power of unity.   

HOW click on picture!!


Live radio Interview

 WHO: Kampa & Swanthong  

PARTICULAR: One of many BIG projects that laopress.com managed.  The concerts were in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne.   Overseas stars toured with laopress.com all had radio interviews with Lao radio stations.  This was one of them in Melbourne, VIC.


Fashion Parade I

Fashion Parade II

SUBJECT: Fashion Parade

PARTICULARWatch two of our fashion parades.  These designers later became who's who of Australian's FASHION.  There were DJs, Bands, and over 20 models working together.  

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