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Sabyedee everyone!   Welcome to laopress photo gallery.  These are some of the excellent pictures contributed by people from around the globe.  

Below is photo gallery of her new shop.  We spent the whole day finishing off some minor details that needed to be done. For those who have not been there if you have some times please feel free to drop by.  She and several of her staffs will make you most welcome.  These are some services that they specialise in: manicure deluxe, pedicure with paraffin, paraffin treatment (hand and foot), eyelash extension, professional spray-on tan, body waxing (male & female), facial, massage therapy, make up, ear piercing or to find out more do contact her. Good luck sis!






Pictures took during That Laung Festival 2009.  Bands and singers rehearsed for the Unitel concert.  Some of the most current talented artists of Laos took on the biggest stage of them all ie That Laung Festival. Concerts featured some of the most famous Lao pop stars namely: L Zone, Tee, Texedo, Numtow, Lang, Buratino, Ton, Keev, Billy, Mayla-ong aka May, Madusia and SDN.  More info >>>

 Gone walk about around Nakhone Laung Vientiane, the smallest capital in South East Asia.  Took some beautiful pictures of temples around sleepy city which painfully slow in catching up with its bustling neighbouring countries in the development of side of thing.  Notably, traffic is getting heavier and flooded with nice cars in the capital.  There are many buildings being built.  Nice.  More info >>>
 On the weekend of the first week of September, I went to island state of Australia, Tasmania or locally known as Apple Isle.  I spent the whole weekend exploring the city of Hobart.  Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania.  Cruising around harbour.  Tasmania is one of the smallest state of Australia in term of population or economy and instinctively has its own charm.  More photos
 This month has been so bad.  I had this nagging flu.  I felt so tired on the day but still I decided to go out on this beautiful day.
Ending up in the city, I went to north Sydney by walking over Australia land mark known as Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Stopped over in Luna Park and then walked back to Darling Harbour.  Sydney is so beautiful!  More photos
 Rock band from Thailand Carabao performed live on stage in Sydney.  The band has been pumping out solid rock songs for more than two decades.  This was their first ever concert in Sydney.  They auctioned out two priceless arts at the show to help out AIDS organization back home.  They also brought with them beautiful Parn.  She performed live also & she was so good.  I love Parn.  It was one of the best nights out for some times for me.  More pictures>>>
 Average Andy is on budget weekend away to beautiful Melbourne during this winter season, June 2009. Melbourne is sport & of course entertainment capital of Australia.  The architecture of its old buildings are so amazing, the cafe cultures, the foods, the European feel city, shopping haven, the convenient city of all cities in Australia.  Love Melbourne.  More pictures // June 09
  Attended wedding of the month between Chanthaphone Meuansanith (bride) & Nicholas Mangraviti (groom).  The bride came to Australia the same year as I did. 
I was unable to upload more pictures since I lost my camera at Vat Pha on new year day. These are from my new digital camera.  Any comment or issue let me know Foto


As for this year, Lao New Year celebration is held just off Prayortkeo temple premise for the very time to accommodate more people.  There are many people and businesses exhibiting their products.  More importantly, there were so many people enjoying themselves last night.  It’s nice.   Many quest stars came all the way from interstates, Laos and even Thailand to make it more eventful!  See more pictures >>>

 Alice is Miss Lao Charity Quest 2009 in Sydney, Australia.  The event held in Bossley Park Club on Saturday night.  More than 500 hundred people turned to witness Alice becoming the face of Nang Sangkharne for 2009.  The title also has a connotation as being Miss Lao in Australia.  The event organised by Lao Advance Co-Op. Community group.

The judging criteria is tough base on these: unique Lao smile,  manner, catwalk, traditional dance of Lumvong, Lao talking, most importantly BEAUTIFUL.  More pictures
 My relatives came all the way from Vientiane to have dinner with us.  Wow!  I was so surprise seeing them waiting for me at my place.  Tim, Noy and Bare were in Sydney a week then they would head to Melbourne to see more friends and relatives.  I have not seen them for some times.  I was so happy to see them again!  See more
 Weekend away to beautiful sunshine state of Queensland.  Hired a car and drove from Sunshine coast to Gold Coast.  Queensland is a beautiful.  There are so many things to do and see.  These are some pictures taking during my venture.  More pictures

Photo diary of the first month of 2009.  This year started off with a sizzling hot weather thus I found myself cooling down at beaches.  See these pictures at home, on motorway, along street, art gallery, Sydney on 26th of Jane ie Australia Day

See pictures  
Watch firework on National Day


Pictorial diary of my mighty high flying nephew Nathan travelled to :
  Wet N Wild water theme park in Brisbane, Australia.
  Dream World Bangkok, Thailand, and
  Vientiane visiting his relatives.

See the world through the eyes of young Nathan.  Enjoys!

Photo Gallery


December is festive season in Australia.  I took some times off work and travelled along north and south coast of Australia.  December is summer time therefore the weather is so hot.  One unique about this place is no doubt the weather.  People can get sun burn easily.  So be careful when you go to a beach for swimming, do put suntan lotion.  Everywhere else in the world you sweat but when mercury rises in Australia you get sun burn.  This documented what I did during December 2008.  Nothing special.  Photo Gallery


Out Cruising With Friends

Enjoying my day out with beautiful friends from work.  What a day!.  The foods were great plus we entertained by great live band.  The atmosphere and day were perfect.  Pity...I had a bit of sea sickness therefore I was unable to eat those delicious foods.  Our playground was breathtaking Sydney Darling Harbour.  We cruised around the harbour for more than four hours.  More info>>>


Here are some pictures from Thong Long Ngum Community Party.   Musiced by 7 up.  Laopress.com was there to document as it happened.  I had many people asking me " where the hell have I been? and when I will bring artists from overseas to perform here."  I guess that I have always been here just doing my thing here on the net or on the bigger scale.  I believe that I keep off my eyes off a ball for a while.  We need to get back to basic.  More pictures>>>>


Went to check out new toys at Australian International Motor Show at Darling Harbour.  I just wanted to kill off time today so I ended up here alone.  I caught a train there from my place.  Here are pictures from the Motor show as well as pictures from Sydney sider.  More pictures>>>>


Having a good day outing with my nephew to Sydney Taronga zoo. It was about time that I should take a visit to see wild city animals.  We took a ferry ride from Parramatta.  My nephew enjoyed the day very much.  The two of us just had the day to ourselves.  What a perfect day!  They are building such a beautiful Lao/Thai style buildings right in middle of everything.  The buildings are an extraction themselves.  We should appreciate Lao architectural design in Laos.  I like to see more of these buildings pop up in Lao incorporate with contemporary designs.  They are bringing more elephants from Thailand.  More info>>>>



Wow..what a night it turned out to be.  Fashion Nite Parade was choreographed by Vicky and organised by Lao Australian Group, one of many Lao community groups base in south western Sydney.  See all these pictures of our models showing off beautiful creations.  The fashion Nite designed to showcase Lao traditional fashions.  The all materials provided by students from school which Lao Australian Group set up.  More info


UNIBUDS is University of New South Wales Buddhist Society.  It established in 1981 by two monks, a Chinese Venerable Tsang Hui of Hwa Tsang Monastery and Lao born Thai monk Venerable Maha Chao Khun Samai of Wat Pa Buddharangsee.

Tonight they celebrated its 26th anniversary, Bodhi Nite 2006.  Laopress.com was there to where it started to document the history as it happened.  Did you know UNSW (unsw.edu.au) was my first university I attended.  More info



The Funakoshi Gichin Cup 10th World Karate-do  Championships 2006 are in Sydney.  Three young Lao Ninjas participate in this global event.  See pictures and watch our video to see how young Lao Ninja take on young American and Japanese Ninjas and come out on top.  He is young, handsome and has lightning fast hand speed so be very careful for all of you beautiful girl.  Watch video and see pictures....

Noy Sydanon and the SDN band performed at Wat Lao during Laos New Year in Riversider,  southern California.  Check out their photos and see how they celebrated.  More info

Your Photo Gallery

Share your memory with people from around the globe.



Alyzza was crowned Miss Lao 2006 (Nang Sangkharne) in Australia last night.  More than 1000 people packed auditorium to eyewitness the ceremony.  There were seven contestants in all

My Photo Gallery

My pictorial blog.  This is to document my insanity.

up & coming events


SEK (Low Society) recent concert pictures in Vientiane, Laos.  Lao entertainment industry, attracting & encouraging super stars to include Vientiane in their itinerary.

Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year everyone!  We have three songs for special occasion, Pimay Laos. 2006


Princess of The Great Britain visited Laos and she inspected school where people with disability or orphanage learn.

Went to camping with my friends.  We had so much fun.  Lostock is the place.  It's some where in the out back. 


Sert from Virginia visited 2006.  He looked after me so well when I was there enjoying many festivals.  This is his photo gallery while he was here in Sydney.

Attended BBQ organised by 89.3FM radio station with Lao Community.  This was at a friend place.  This Lao guy own this huge land.  He is in the process of turning it into theme park.


Another Laos New Year Photo Gallery.  This was at Wat Pha Buddhalavarn.  His Excellency Ambassador of Laos + entourage + his families also celebrated new year.  Young group of traditional dancers from the embassy including his daughter performed, also singer from America, Australian kick Boxing Champions, parade of Nang Sangkane.  Sabiidee Pumay. Happy New Year 2549.


Check out photos of Korat Band celebrating Lao New Year at Lao temple in Denver, Colorado. There's always video so you can watch.  While you are there don't forget to watch their live music video.   KORAT Band was formed to show their appreciation, celebrate and share with others the music of LOSO (Low Society), a legendary band from Thailand that has been making rock music for over a decade.  More info


Sabyedee  everyone!   Welcome to Lao Youth Sport Community Festival at Australian National University, Canberra. This is annual event where Lao youth from Sydney and Canberra come together to compete in sport tournaments and then enjoy the night away with good music & atmosphere.


Here we were at  beautiful part of town, Chipping Norton enjoying the finest food accompanied by many beautiful people.  This event was part of youth initiatives from Lao Community.  Wow, many young ones  turned up for the big BBQ event.  I felt young again!  Hope everyone enjoyed my cooking.  There were many activities for all to participate.   Thanks to all those who made this event possible and especially those who prepared all the food.  More info



These are some of the excellent pictures took at my birth place, beautiful Ban Donko in the southern part of Laos.  Where in the world can you find the most gorgeous fresh water beaches.  My siste, her hushand, and I took Nathan to see our birth place.  Ban Donko has lots to offer. This is the place to see.  Visit Ban Donko


SALA Xiengkhuane

Sabyedee everyone!   Welcome to laopress photo gallery.  These are some of the excellent pictures took at Sala Xiengkhuane, a Buddha Secret Garden. It is a must see for tourist who visit Vientiane.  It's less than half hour drive from the capital.    Visit Sala Xiengkhuane


Sabyedee everyone!   Welcome to Visit Vientiane Laos photo gallery.  insight tour in and  around Vientiane on the back  three wheels Tuk-Tuk.  Everyday during my stay there, I walked and drove around Nakone Laung Vientiane city.  I love it.  I really like how they build houses, so huge, and mansionly.  They incorporated Lao architect with modern and contemporary designs.  They look so good.  Visit Vientiane


Sabyedee everyone!   Welcome to La Music Festival photo gallery.  For the first time that Lao musicians from all spectrums came together to celebrate Lao music at one place.  There were hip hop, pop, rock, country artists sacrificed their previous time to be here to make this event a success.


Sabyedee everyone!   These are some of the excellent pictures from Savannakhet Province. Highlight of the tour was that we got escort out of city by group of Policemen on motor bikes.  Wow!  How impressive is that!  We also visited many temples.  Wat Jatiyaram is a must place everyone should visit.  You predict future fortune by touching of klong, very interesting.  Go and try your luck!


Sabyedee everyone!   Welcome to laopress photo gallery.  These are some of the excellent pictures from Vang Vieng, northern part of Laos. This is National Park.  It's a tourist destination.  There are many activities for visitors to do here apart from usual stuff like sight seeing.


up & coming events



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