The third album

Please note that all videos appear at laopress.com are video diary of Andy's family members and friends.  To view Noy and SDN official music video log on to their official site at www.sdnusa.com 

Perd O Gard

Ta Lak Ta VDO

Kon Lum To

Song Sane

Fakoo Dun VDO

Sylom Synam


Zin Gum Lung VDO

Ying jilaung

Ya Yom Pae

Second album

The Great Distance

Kosa Bane VDO

So Bad So Good VDO

Bo Kaoji

Champa Vientiane VDO

Tatji Hipenjing

Pab luangta

Torramann ((~Video~))

Leun tijafun

Remember you

Take a stang

The première album

Ko Pen Lao

Face to Face - Intro

Singdye Sumcun

Kopen Lao

Pab Laungta

Kon Muen Gunn


Champa Mueng Laos

Namta Namji

Gua Jatung Vanni VDO


Uny kumur

Introducing another hip hop from the hood.  This is Colden.  Not just another Lao rapper, this is strictly Bizness.  We have an excellent track from DOEBOY for you to listen.  This is truly unique Lao hip hop, a fusion of Morelum and hip hop.  Try out this outstanding track. More info Rating:


This Hip Hop song from Lao Crimino will surely set a new bench mark for Lao Hip Hop and will become most talked about song of all time in the history of modern Lao music.  This group of Lao Crimino will conquer and lay claim their Hip Hop territory.  There is no shocking rhymes here but smooth, beautiful and perfect .....Pix of Lao Crimino  More info Rating:


There is a soft side of Pumpkins.  Check out their ballad love song.  While you're there don't forget to have a peep at their new video.  Yeah, it was shot in down town Vientiane.  More info Rating:


Here is your chance to see Lao super stars live on stage in concert under one roof.  The brilliant pop singer Sithiphone who sings incredible ballad love songs.  He can melt any girls' hearts.  The talented Noy & SDN band, they've released the most sexy Lao songs ever.  The Lao most exciting Alternative Rock band quartet, The Blackflame with brand new line up.  The loud Moukie, the lead singer from Heavy Metal band, The Bohaln Band, the heaviest metal of all mother metal.  And introducing Pass Due band.  Watch promo.  More info>>>>


Most singers can sing.   They won't match the quality of this guy, Lao's top singer-song writer-guitarist Noy Sydanon.  This is the most polish, timeless, enjoyable song ever made.  It's Torramann from Noy's second album.  No doubt, it's currently my best rock song.  Watch this video shot in Melbourne during my recent visit to this beautiful  coastal area of national Park, the twelve Apostles.

Please note that all videos appear at laopress.com are video diary of Andy's family members and friends.  To view Noy and SDN official music video log on to their official site at www.sdnusa.com 

Here are links for those who prefer Youtube.

1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkwMtawZpUk

2> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BzA-MUexjk

3> more here www.sdnusa.com 


We have organised many events in the past and have laid foundation for many to come.  There are always rooms for improvement and grow.  Many top artists crossed ocean to entertain their fans with us.  This time we celebrate Lao's top singer-song writer-guitarist Noy Sydanon. Noy tours extensively throughout North America.  We released  three outstanding albums: Kopen Lao, the Great Distance and Ta Lak Ta.  He will be supported by local artists as well as thousand of fans throughout east coast of Australia tour.  To celebrate his up coming album and his talent, make yourselves available and have fun with us.  Thanks Noy for re-vitalising my passion againMore info>>>

Children's of Paradise

Children's of Paradise is the latest project of Lao super rock band, SDN.  According to Noy Sydanon, a lead singer of the band "Expect a new album to be Released, we're hoping by the end of this year".  They are also working on their music video for Noy's previous albums.  They will be available by the end of the year.  Their website is re-vamped at new address at www.sdnusa.com.  So check them out. 

TV Interview

Noy Sydanon will talk exclusively on NAT satellite TV. This interview will be air on April 22 in the US and CANADA only. So tune in. http://www.sdnmusic.com

When this year is over, one album that will be burnt into your brain and set a new benchmark in Lao music will be this new album from Noy Sydanon's. 

He has achieved the most amazing fusion of art and sound from his latest experiment I ever heard.  This will be another indication of how darn good his or Lao music will be. Laopress.com have the world exclusive sneak preview of his latest songs. 

No doubt, this album will be instantly powerful, intricately compelling, has immerse longevity and his unique artistic statement.


Following on from the phenomenal success of his debut album, Ko Pen Lao and second album, The Great Distance Noy biggest is yet to come.  He is working on his latest enhancements.  It's sure guarantee ultimate satisfactions.  He has been experimenting with latest technology.  Thus his latest or third album is coming.

By judging from his previous albums, all of the sounds are very sexy.  So watch out for his latest enhancements, it will sure make you scream in ecstasy between pleasure and pain.  You'll ask for more.  We'll upload the world exclusive songs from Noy Sydanon third album.

Noy Sydanon is ready to rock AUSTRALIA.  Purchase any two of Noy Sydanon albums from us and get half price ticket for his concert.

For more information about his latest music and concert contact us.


Lao rock star Noy Sydanon’s brand new album The Great Distance was recorded and mixed in California.  ShottGunn Records is the producer. 

Following on from the phenomenal success of his debut album KHO IS LAO, Noy gives us all from his heart from any DISTANCE.  The new album includes Torramann, So good So Bad, Champa Vientiane, Kaw Sa Barn, 10 tracks in all. 

This is Noy’s second solo album.   Every track is a standout.  He captures the romance, passion and the meaning of Lao in his songs.  He has this ability to articulate through songs.  He is such a great artist, a wonderful songwriter and a very sincere person.  

The Great Distance is such a good pop/rock album.  It's artful of everything.  From folk rock to modern pop/rock, drum machines to acoustic guitars.  The voice, the full force of his music, energy and power.

The lyrics on this album are written by Noy and Friends from the Blackflame.  They are stories of their lives.   

We are delighted to announce that Noy Sydanon has chosen LaoPress & Entertainment (laopress.com) to be the main distributor of his latest album in Australia and Asia.  We are delighted!!!! 

Noy Sydanon will fly out to Australia to launch the album, The Great Distance.  We will keep you inform.  At this stage it appears to be some times in July. 

He has been a phenomenon in Australia.  So watch out from the great distance for his BIG ONE! 


Impressionist, contemporary, realist artist known as Noy Sydanon will release his second CD not so far away.  His work of art is neither abstract nor conservative.  Simply, what you hear is what you get.  That is good.  As you know from his first album, lyrically all songs are captured with an elegant simplicity and mighty touches throughout. 

He was launched into stardom with the success of SINGS DAY SOME CANTS from his first album.  Since then he has kept on producing hit songs.  You will know straight away when you come across a great pop/rock track in this up and coming album. 

The second CD will go THE GREAT DISTANCE.  Shottgunn Records are the producer.   This will mark as a true dedication to all Laotian friends and music fans around the globe.  A musical journey and messages, which are written from the heart, a step forwards with improvements and a real eyes opener CD, with quality that no Lao music has never gone there before.   

" I feel very honour to have such access to freedom to express my thoughts and feeling in the making of this CD.  You won't be disappointed.  Even though I do believe that my best is still yet to come, but don't let my imaginations fool you, see for yourself ".   

20 percent of lyrics in this latest CD will be in English and the less of course will be in Lao.   For more information on his check out his website . [Song] [INTERVIEW]


The best Rock album that comes out this year undoubtedly is from a former Arizona resident.  He now lives and works in California.  If you don't know him by now I will make you know this rising, talented and hard working super star.  Yap, I’ll make sure that the whole wide world know him.  His name is Noy Sydanon.  This name will be with us for many years to come.  It will be a household name to our music lover.

We are glad to inform you that laopress.com is very fortunate enough to bring his music to Australia.  The album will hit the market in time for New Year.  If you have not thought of any present for love ones then this CD is as good as any diamond.  It’s a must have for every music lover.  Don’t argue, don’t think, just buy it!

 He lifts Lao music to new level to be second to none.  The words of the music are from his own life experience.  They are expressed in a way that few Lao singers or writers have ever done.

The strength or powers of his voice make your goose bumps running through your whole body.  There are not many Lao singers that have talent as Noy has.  Many songs in this album have hit nail right on the head.  It’s so true that sometimes I thought that he wrote all these songs from my personal experience.   

At this moment he is currently working on his second album.  He has several songs already.  In time he and his band will hit the road to preach in the way they know how.   

Latest Music Video of New songs from


  2. ZINCUMLUNG (Conlumto)

  3. Torramann






With Sarky and Sek from Thailand Hard Rock band Low Society (LoSo)

With Kou, Mee, Sandra, and sarky

Can you Imagine these two produce offspring? No!!! Lao singers have entered into the market!!

** @ STUDIO **


The third album

We have several new tracks from Noy Sydanon latest album.  We are some of the songs we have . 

Second album

The Great Distance

The première album

Ko Pen Lao


World première song from Noy's latest album.

Exclusive interview with laopress.com.

touring down under in August 2003.

Noy Sydanon information

Music Video # 1 Kosabarn

Music Video # 2 So Bad So Good

Fore more music video

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