From this gifted singer, we proudly present you her song.  No doubt that you have heard of her.  There are Laotians living in different parts of the world.  I would like to delicate this beautiful song to all of you.  Hope you like this song

Thongvone was so famous after the release of her third album. At parties, functions or concerts all you can hear was her songs. She toured France, America and did some concerts with LaoPress & Entertainment in Sydney, Australia.

LaoPress & Entertainment Group decided to re-release her third album. The entire songs in CD have been digitally re-mastered. The quality will be top class.  More >>



Swanthong - lum kornswan

World Première

One the best female vocalists for more-lum.  You probably have heard of live version of this song but it has not officially released anywhere yet.  Hear it from us first.  She is one of the best  & sexiest Lao star who has tremendous power behind her voice.  Very nice song indeed!!! More >>



World Première

These days everything come as a package. Well, say that you are looking for partner(s). You do want someone who are confident, independent and beautiful.

Sao Hi-tech are above the less. As good as you can get.    More >>



Symeuang Lum - Dern

One of the best lum CD that we have.  This song is an example of many types of lum that we, Laotian have to offer.  It's one of the most fun song in its category of lum.  More >>

Nouhouang Brothers

if you like to annoy the hell out of your neighbours.   Try on this song and turn the volume up very, very loud.  I can bet you any money that they will go absolutely ape.  More >>

Requesting a song.  


One of the best Lao singer of all time.  She sings with this incredible energy.  She puts heart and soul into it. That is why she is very good.  Very professional. More >>


Newmoon recorded all of their music at their own studio.  Their latest album has in 2002.  The music style of Newmoon consists of old and modern, mixed in with a swooping, melodic guitar that you just can't ignore.  For those who's seeking new music and talent, this CD is a must.  More >>

CAYSEE more>>
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