All songs are tailored for the broken hearted or unlucky-in-loved Club. Featuring this superb song “HUG TE THI LOR KOY”, this song is written and arranged by Vanida. It’s about a PRETTY YOUNG THING waiting for love.  This CD will definitely attracting the attention of every Laotian rock/pop lover worldwide. More info >>>

Breathtaking is the word to describe this young, beautiful, articulated, talented ALEXANDRA, another hot, up and coming Lao artist.  This sixteen year-old is a new phenomenon in the entertainment scene in Laos. More info>>>>

They breed them tough in the USA.  I must say this album explode out of no where and hit me right in the groin, almost knock me out.  Wow!  Pop, rock and ballad are equally exciting.  I get a feeling their best are still to come.  For more info chitpanya.


Birdie has created the sound that will redefine soul music as we know it and place the term "Underground Pop" on the lips of all who hear her melodies.  Her debut album entitled "Underground Pop: Xposed", will combine her passion for Hip Hop, Pop, and Soul and blends her soulful sounds and rich tones into a new creative vibe all her own.  Her debut album showcases Birdie's ability as an artist, and will capture audiences worldwide as she reaches out to her Laotian heritage. Songs like "Without You" highlight her range, while the rhythmic beats of "Til the End of Time" and "Sexy" showcase her natural talent. Her anthem, the single "I'm a Bytch", is available on her myspace page.  More info>>>>>

Sample her excellent masterpiece work of art, fabulous Viens Vers Moi, and unforgettable Pourquoi Pas Moi. 

The tracks have sweet melodies and shifting tempos. The good news is that they are good! Those two songs demonstrate the brilliant talent of Nithada.

Viens Vers Moi is a rich, honest, innocent and absolutely beautiful song. It has beautiful overall sound with fast moving beats. It’s effortless COOL! More Info >>>>>


Listen to one of the best DEMO songs, Je Sais Pas.  This was sent in to us by PRINCESS PAMELA who lives in snow white land, Canada. 

They're POP! Says Pamela "I love to sing pop music because I believe that's the only style of music that I can put all feelings in a song and show all the power of my voice..." More Info>>>>

Some of you may think that we have ulterior motives when we keep on  publishing beautiful songs.  YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT!  Here is  another one from Sithiphone's latest album.  Song likes this simply help us demonstrate the brilliant talent of our artists.  In today world standard, he is up there with the very best of them all.  Ahead of his time in every way, Sithiphone proves far too good.  More info>>>>
Hear this song from the hottest and most exciting Lao singer.  It's from artist base in California, USA.  Good news is that we'll have this CD available in Australia as well as Laos.  It'll also be available right here at laopress.com More info>>>
Rating:I'M LAO

Mike Petcharene

The next big Lao thing?  Well, if you take Mike’s latest album, “Made In Heaven”, as an indication then it is. After having been building hardcore fan base & huge success world wide, Mike continues the good tradition of releasing a consistently large number of quality songs.  More info>>>>
Why Did You Do What You Did is the latest single from this Lao thrilling super artist at her best, Ketsana.  Listen to the music and you'll know WHY she is the hottest Laotians' pop diva.  This song is written by Ketsana herself.  It's in English. It is a song that intimately seduces listener with considerate lyrics, soulful melody and beautiful instrumentation. More info>>>
Ding & Nook
Another up and coming young artists, Ding and Nook or simply known as DoubleCom.  They released their debut album titled Dreams Come True.  This is a remarkably self-assured first effort  The duo score big with their hit songs such as the delicious Yak Bok Hi Hu, the delightful Kao kau Fan, the trendy 1 kam tamn, the beautiful Bo Yak Di Yin and many more.. More songs & info>>>
AWAKE is a brand spanking new talented Vientiane pop band.  Their songs are simple and honest.  Take for instance a first track “LeKoy” is an excellent example of a typical AWAKE soulful, emotional journey.  More info >>>>>
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