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Below is photo gallery of her new shop.  We spent the whole day finishing off some minor details that needed to be done. For those who have not been there if you have some times please feel free to drop by.  She and several of her staffs will make you most welcome.  These are some services that they specialise in: manicure deluxe, pedicure with paraffin, paraffin treatment (hand and foot), eyelash extension, professional spray-on tan, body waxing (male & female), facial, massage therapy, make up, ear piercing or to find out more do contact her. Good luck sis!


Lao Folk / Traditional or Lum or Morelum Music Artists !


This is what you expect during Lao New Year Festival in the Land of Million Elephants.  It's so cool!  People from around the globe come to experience Lao unique culture and dance to Lao Folk music.  So be prepared this year & go to Laos to get cleanse or be cleansed and be cool.


Lum Laung Prabang

This is simply known as Kub Laung Prabang.  It's traditional Lao folk music originated from the World Heritage City, Laung Prabang.    

Lum Tuey

This is another type of Lao tradition from central Laos.  It is Lum Tuey by one of Lao country star, Sangduen Chanthavixay.  More info >>>   

Lum Tungvay

Here is another type of Lao folk from originated from the southern part from Laos.  This is Lum Tungvay by Sangduen Chanthavixay   


Another Lao traditional or folk song from the southern part of Laos known as Luk Salavan.  Salavan is one province in the deep south part of Laos.   


Lum Long

Lum Long is basically a Lao folk music which we used to tell stories from one generation to generation.  It mainly uses in Morlum Leung, literally means Telling Story by Singing.  This one is the hard core Lum Long – that is singing accompanied by Lao traditional instrument called Khene only.  Love this!  More info >>>>  


This is another type of Lao popular folk music from one of the most famous places in the southern part of Laos.  Syphandon is locally known as 4000 Islands among Mekong River.  Nice, I like it!   


Lum Putia is another type of many folk music originates from the southern part of Laos.  Did you know there is a specific dance associated with each style of Lum.  For those who would like to learn how to dance to Lum Putia then this music video may come valuable.  More info>>>



Here is another superb  music video demonstrating how our Lao folks entertaining ourselves for generations.  This is an absolute highly competent presentation of Lao folk music at its best.  It's undeniably irresistible. The sound is simple, pure and smooth.  As for this Morlum, she has a serviceable voice and stunt looking. Traditional instruments use exclusively to bring out the Lao beautiful sound.  This is another type of Lao folk music.   This is great, traditional Lao affair with a modern veneer that you can dance joyfully to.  More info>>>  


This music video demonstrates how our Lao folks entertaining ourselves for generations.  This is an absolute highly competent presentation of Lao folk music at its best.  It's undeniably irresistible. The sound is simple, pure and smooth.  As for this Morlum, she has a serviceable voice and stunt looking. Traditional instruments use exclusively to bring out the Lao beautiful sound.  This is known as Kub Ngeum, another type of Lao folk music.   This is great, traditional Lao affair with a modern veneer that you can dance joyfully to.  More info>>>


Here is another sweet, mood elevating song by Pink hot and sexy country rock artist goes by the name of Pink Rassamee.  She has many hot and steamy songs such as Seepenbaur, Yalumbanlao, Tenkin & Lumkin, and many more.....This is a classic and  beautiful country song by this gorgeous singer called Thanghug Thanghaang meaning Lover Lane.  More info>>>>


Willy Denzey is French RNB singer.  His parents are from Laos.  He  got nominate for Best Male Artist of the year in France, In what year - was it in 2005, 2006 or 2007?


Another great live performance of Lao classical folk song known as Lum by great band.  This video also shows how our Lao spirits are being used to glamorise Lao folk music by demonstrating that Morlum is as hip as pop/ rock, techno or hip hop music. For me, I am a fan of Lum. Watch the hand of the guy playing lead guitar.   More info>>>>


Growing up watching lots of Indian movies, naturally there are some Indian influences in our music.  This is a song by a versatile rock band Konla Vongsamphanh.  More info>>>>>


Here is another Lao classical folk song from famous Lao songstress.  More info>>>>>>


These are the latest pop songs passed to me by radio disc jockey lady friend of mine.   They are soulful Kaur meaning Please and another beautiful ballad love song called Yakmefan meaning Want to Love Somebody.  Kaur Yakmefan are for those lonely hearts out there who wishfully want to fall for the right mind one and click!  These are true great pop songs. 


Song From The Heart is a song by Ongkane Sombounkhun.  He is from Lao Art Media.  It is from "1 Nydoungchai" album meaning "One and Only".  It released a few years ago.  This song is written by Vixay Kyvongxay.  Feel free to shake off stress or show off your cha cha cha.   


A video diary of Gumby aka Pryce in Texas celebrated Lao New Year with his homeboyz.


Recently Matt Lauer from American number one top rating Today morning show broadcasted live from Vientiane, capital city of Laos - the land of million elephants.  It was new initiatives from NBC under "Where in the World is Matt Lauer?" . He conducted his show live from various cities.  So far here are some great cities where he broadcasted from.  They are Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Vientiane, Istanbul, and Seychelles.  He stood in front Phra That Laung Stupa and announced to America  he was in Vientiane, Laos "live".  

From Laos he showcased Lao colourful silks, unique cultures, peaceful religion, authentic foods, unspoilt and exotic country village lifestyle including beautiful Vientiane the capital city, classical folklore music of Laos, pop culture in ever explosive environment since his government decided to bomb Laos a few decades ago.  He chatted with famous artists who will soon release their upcoming productions such as movie star Ananda and singer Aluna to obtain inside information how in just less than a decade Lao pop culture has managed to explode and has gone beyond its frontier.  More info >>>>>


Here is the latest from brilliant young talented singer/song writer home grown pop princess - Aluna.  Just recently appeared on NBC Today Show with Matt Lauer explaining her love of making music.  This is a preview of her second album called "Aluna Part II " .  This song is called "Komhuseukbok" meaning "Love Instinct Feeling".  Some of her songs are mostly mixed in both Lao and English. More info>>>


Two outstanding songs by this gorgeous Vanvisa Phothiraj, they are Paurhang Still In Form (meaning Divorcee Still in Form and Yalaung Hikoy (meaning Don’t Let Me Keep Hanin’ On).  They are known as Lum Teuy.  Watch these two video, they demonstrate the proper dance moves for this type of Lum performing by Lao National Dance Troupe.  Did you know for each type of Lum there is a specific dance moves for that specific Lum.  More info >>>  

  Casy Vangverkong is proving to be as versatile.  We know that she is a great country singer.  Lum Ban Xok is another brilliant classical folk song from her.  This is northern style of Lum.  As you might be aware that people of Laos divide ourselves into three categories according to the altitude at which we live.  They comprise of Lao Loum, Lao Theung and Lao Sung.  This video demonstrates how women from three ethnic groups dress in their traditional customs.  Singer dresses in Lao Loum.  Dancers are in Lao Theung and Lao Sung.  Another important facts as you move northward of Laos, Lao dialect progressively change.  So this means that we can tell which part of Laos we are from by listening to how people talk.  This also reflexes in how our Morlums sing.  More Info >>>>>  

The fourth song is by young and cute Morlum.  It’s Hug Sao Lao (meaning Love Lao Girl).  This song released in early 2000s.  It’s fusion of Lao Loum lum and Lao Theung Lum.  Not only this is for the very first time that any Lao Theung song has made it to the main stream in Laos.  It has also become very popular in neighbouring countries.  Usually lyrics are in Lao and dialect from Lao Theung or Lao Sung.    


This is traditional music from Laos.  Studies have been conducted on Lao folk music many occasions within and outside of Laos.  As you may be aware of there are many styles of Lum depending which part of Laos you are familiar with.  The more predominant onces are those from the southern part of Laos.  Certainly they are still popular among local and expatriate.  These are raw sounds out of Laos.  They are just simple sounds comprise of mainly Lao instruments. More info>>>>


Another rising star from Laos is young sensation Noymany Sokeosy.  We have two excellent songs by this handsome young man from down town Vientiane.  They are beautiful Kid Hot Jing Toma and unforgetable Pibomay i Kohug.  These two outstanding songs are typical example of Noymany's songs.  They are from VideoCD album known as Yamae Mobile Phone.  This style of his Lao classical folk music is called Lum Lern.  More info>>>

Kularp Meaungpiey

Here are some of the best Lao folk songs from young and beautiful Kularp Meaungpiey.  These folk music originated from the land of million elephants from the very North to ass end south of Laos long long ago.  Up to this day they are still in fashion and very much so popular as ever. 

Kup Toom and Kup Xiengkhaung represent the northern style lum.  While Lum Putai and Lum kornswan are from middle part of Laos.  And of course Lum Salavan and Lum syphandone are southern styles of Lum.  For which ever style that you come across you will still be mesmerized by its sounds and rhythms . 

There has never been any places or functions whether it's in Laos or overseas around the globe that I went to, where ever these Lums are played, dance floor are overrun by young and old showing off their dancing style.  Marvellous to see!  More info>>>>


These days everything come as a package. Well, say that you are looking for partner(s). You do want someone who are confident, independent and beautiful. Sao Hi-tech are above the less. As good as you can get. Yes.. we have more Lum songs from Chanto Sopha, Lao folk song specialist.  He was amongst our first to be featured here at laopress.com with ultimate satiric cool song, Sao Hi-tech.  That escalates him into stardom.  Now we add three more excellent dance folk songs: Lum kornswan, Lum Tuey and Lum Salavam for your entertainment.  Merry Christmas everyone. There is good feeling all around.  2007 is going to be excellent year. More info>>>>


Definitely one of the best respected album released.  This CD packs with Lao best country music plus the very best of Lao folk music known locally as Lum.  This is a remarkable debut album from this singer / songwriter from Vientiane, Laos.  More info>>>>


Did you know we uploaded two more Lao traditional songs for your indulgence.  This type of music style is locally known as KUP TOOM.  It's one of many Lums (Lao folk music).   As well documented, these days our young rising hip hop artists fuse these Lao Lum styles with modern sounds to give  their new songs a distinctive favour uncommon with urban and hip hop scene today.  The impressive line up includes Lao's own hip hop players such as Gumby, Illphatic, Laos Family, Supasang, Doeboy, Ting, Singhey etc.....  So see for yourself how it starts.  This is Kup Toom (kup toom #1, kup toom #2) .  More info >>>>


Jonny Olsen is from L.A. California in the U.S.A He can sing Morlum and plays Lao traditional intrument known as Khaen. He learned in Thailand and Laos. He made his cd titled " Farang Yak Bpen Morlum". Did you know Jonny Olsen won a khaen contest in Khonkaen province , Thailand. He is the first westerner known to win a khaen playing contest.  More info>>>>


Introducing another Lao super star, Malaythong Yingswat known as Panoy.  She is also well known across other side of Mekong river.  She had travelled thousand across the ocean to the United States of America to perform.  This type of Lao classical music in Laos is known as Lum Pern.  Lao classical music in digital and modern society or known as western civilisations are very popular amongst expatriates.  For info>>>>>


Two excellent of Lao southern folk songs from two masters of Lum from Champasack province, Ajarn Sangswan and Lasmy.  Master Sangswan spits his Lum Konswan.    it's still very popular there.  Lum Putai is by Lasmy Kalothong.   These are two great classic style of Lums coming from the southern part of Laos.  So enjoy these two popular Lao folk songs. More info>>>>>


Thongvone was so famous after the release of her third album. At parties, functions or concerts all you can hear was her songs. She toured France, America and did some concerts with LaoPress & Entertainment in Sydney, Australia. 

[More info]

When you feel bored or feel like listening to something.  If you are Laotian the first thing that comes to mind is naturally LUM.  Yes, lum is one of a therapy that is ready available for every Laotian. 

No wonder that this album is selling like crazy.   Due to popular public demand we will re-release the album again.  It will be available here at laopress.com only.  If you do not have this album yet it's well worth your while to have in your collection.   It is being digitally re-mastered. More info>>>


Nouhouang Brothers are the world best More Lum.  They are currently working on their latest album.  They are so famous, WHY?  Well, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to work out why.   Firstly, they can sing and lum.  They’ve been consistently releasing brand new and quality songs.   And not least good people, PK Productions, are looking after them.  [More info]


One the best female vocalists for more-lum.  You probably have heard of live version of this song but it has not officially released anywhere yet.  Hear it from us first.  She is one of the best  & sexiest Lao star who has tremendous power behind her voice.  Very nice song indeed!!! More >>


What can I say about this CD.  This guy has the best vocal to lum.  He utilises his asset to the most of its capacity.  With good lyrics and tunes, he makes lum so simple and beautiful to listen to.  Don't just take my words for it.  well, download it. It's free.  Tell your friends about it.  More >>


One of the best lum CD that we have.  This song is an example of many types of lum that we, Laotian have to offer.  It's one of the most fun song in its category of lum.  More >>

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