He has achieved the most amazing fusion of art and sound from his latest experiment I ever heard.  This will be another indication of how darn good his or Lao music will be. No doubt, this album will be instantly powerful, intricately compelling, has immerse longevity and his unique artistic statement.  More >> . More info Rating:


Willy Denzey, another brilliant R&B artist from France released his third single from the album ACTE II.  Check it out Rating:

At last we have Joey Sisouvath third album.  As documented that last week we interviewed him for our TV section.  His brand new songs uploaded.  If you like what you hear then grab them from music store now.  More info  Rating:


This Hip Hop song from Lao Crimino will surely set a new bench mark for Lao Hip Hop and will become most talked about song of all time in the history of modern Lao music.  This group of Lao Crimino will conquer and lay claim their Hip Hop territory.  There is no shocking rhymes here but smooth, beautiful and perfect .....Pix of Lao Crimino  More info Rating:

Classic amata

Come & listen to Lao classic songs from the past re-recorded by Manit Phienvonga.  They are Meaung Summ and Phadak Conhigh.  

Country music may falter behind popular music lately but there are still more country artists around than pop/rock artists combined.  Only recently that pop/rock overtook country music in Laos as the main stream.  

Pop and rock also explode across borders to neighbouring countries.  Evidently, there are tons of rewards for those who have become famous.  For example money, travels across Laos and overseas, be on television, get mob my teen fans, or even get featured here at laopress.com.

Now we see many Lao youngsters arm themselves with pens, papers, guitars, microphones, keyboards and drum machines.  And many senior politicians in their eighties now ponder of switching career by quitting politics to form rock band.  

Laos has made many headlines across the world in regards to the surge of popular music & Lao artists.  This is good stuff.

As for me I am still the same guy.  What is wrong here?  My taste of music remain unchanged.  I still love Lao traditional folk music known as Lum, country music and then pop/rock.




He has been overloaded with works and has been touring across the USA.  He is just getting better and better, isn’t he?  How good is this guy?  He always seems to come up with hit after hit.  You can be proud of this fine Lao singer.  Where-ever we are in this world, we, Laotian always support and love one another.  [song]





Meaung Summ  

Phadak Conhigh.  


song - Yukbog Hihu

Music Video - yukbog Hihu

song - Xomlod Xomhug

Music Video - xomlod xomhug

(Special Occasion Song 4 wedding)

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