Sample her excellent masterpiece work of art, fabulous Viens Vers Moi. The track has sweet melody and shifting tempo. The good news is that it is good! This song demonstrates the brilliant talent of Nithada. Viens Vers Moi is a rich, honest, innocent and absolutely beautiful song. It has beautiful overall sound with fast moving beats. It’s effortless COOL! More Info  Rating:

Noy Sydanon

He has achieved the most amazing fusion of art and sound from his latest experiment I ever heard.  This will be another indication of how darn good his or Lao music will be. No doubt, this album will be instantly powerful, intricately compelling, has immerse longevity and his unique artistic statement.  More >> . More info Rating:

Breathtaking is the word to describe this young, beautiful, articulated, talented, another hot Lao artist, Thidavanh Bounxouay   Rating:  

Latsamy Phoudindong has emerged as the main songstress for Morlum.  With her exotic name, lovely smile, sexy eyes and absolute gorgeous voice, she appears to be a creative force behind re-emergence of Lum.  She has restored Lum to its former glamourised past. 

This is an absolute highly competent presentation of Lao folk music at its best.  It's undeniably irresistible. The sound is simple, pure and smooth.  As for this Morlum, she has a serviceable voice and stunt looking  More info >>>


Are you ready for Lao music INVAZN?   It seems that we are engulfed by a whirlwind of excellent hip hop artists.  They have produced extraordinary hip hop beats.  He has been rocking mics for several years, paving the way for healthy hip-hop scene.  He spits rhymes about life - a lesson from the Hood Veteran.   Rating:


Birdie has created the sound that will redefine soul music as we know it and place the term "Underground Pop" on the lips of all who hear her melodies.  Her debut album entitled "Underground Pop: Xposed", will combine her passion for Hip Hop, Pop, and Soul and blends her soulful sounds and rich tones into a new creative vibe all her own.  Her debut album showcases Birdie's ability as an artist, and will capture audiences worldwide as she reaches out to her Laotian heritage.   More info>>>>>

Explosive, high-energy, organic, heavy, raw.... Yeah, we are talking about the latest sensation to pop out rocking.  They are an international group with the musical root from the deep down south.  Introducing Eddie Daovone Bayluangrath.

GUMBY 's quest for world domination continues with the latest release of his world première music video.  O yeah - This is hip hop - a kind of new wave.  They completely reshaped the face of Lao popular music.  Took the sampler and ripped apart the words -  jammed everything back together in a junkyard of beat, aggression and righteous politics. More Info>>>.

With her latest outstanding new single, this home-grown songstress sings about the most tormented, painful, frustrated, touchy subject ever.  It’s about love, doubt, insecurity, impatient of not knowing.  Doesn't Ting look like her voice: cute, adorable, pretty, slender, lovable and feminine!  She is one of the nominees at Lao ever first Music Awards named amongst the best of Lao most talented artists on the land of million elephants. More info>>>

BIG WILLY This is just a beginning of a beautiful adventurous journey of the latest star that has rocketed into prominence in French speaking side of town.   Willy Denzey is a new international RNB rising star.  Check it out Rating:

Princess now represents a new beginning, a realization that shifts in Lao pop music into another era and new exciting possibility.  Contemporary Lao pop has entered into new frontier.  This is for people who appreciate the ultimate in sweetness, sexy, beautiful and sound.

Première debut self-titled album includes combinations of pop, hip-hop and art into one inspiring package, under watchful eyes of international producer.  It’s simply brilliant & blatantly commercial. More Info>>>


This Hip Hop song from Lao Crimino will surely set a new bench mark for Lao Hip Hop and will become most talked about song of all time in the history of modern Lao music.  This group of Lao Crimino will conquer and lay claim their Hip Hop territory.  There is no shocking rhymes here but smooth, beautiful and perfect More info Rating:

Miss Charity Quest 2009

Phayortkeo Temple

Buddhalavarn Temple

Charity Quest / Miss Lao 2008

Watch Nang Sangkharne 2007

Charity Quest / Miss Lao 2007







At a tender age of five, she developed her interest in music when she attended Traditional Music Centre.  Dulcimer is a first instrument that she learns how to play.  After graduation from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University with bachelor degree in architecture in 2001, she began her childhood passion by writing and producing her own materials.  Noi Sengsourigna has been an English language news reader with Lao National Television since 2003.  Sengsourigna Children’s Music Centre (SCMCC) is a charitable organisation also founded by Noi Sengsourigna in 2001. Its mission is to teach dancing, music and Lao culture to Lao children. Painting, drawing, reading, storytelling and other graphic arts are also part of curriculum.  For more info>>>


Jear is a lead singer from Pacific pop band.  Together with his Band, Jear has released several great hit songs over years.  2010 is shaping up for another hot year and it should establish Jear as a star.  “Pen Fan Gunnor” meaning “”Lets Start Somethin’” is another great fun song from this un-assumed lad.  It recently aired on Lao television.  The song sounds good.  Music video is hilarious.  It has good story line, nicely shoot and well script.  More info>>>


LaoDesign features an exquisite collection of antique, vintage and contemporary textiles. The antique and vintage textile collection depicts a diverse assortment of pieces to reflect the rich history and cultural heritage of Laos, and represents the artistic inspirations and manual skills of an era long gone by. The contemporary textile collection offers one-of-a-kind pieces, uniquely designed by acclaimed Lao designer Bounkhong Signavong and hand-woven on traditional loom by Lao masterweavers, reviving century-old weaving traditions of Laos.   For more info>>>


Laos staged the 25th SEA Games seamlessly with many great helps and supports coming both from within and outside of Laos.  Many of athletes and supporters may come to Laos for the very first time in their lives.  Hopefully, they bring home many happy memories from the Land of Million of Elephants or locally known as Lanxang. 

As we’d well witnessed over recent weeks, Laotians are passionate people.  We are proud of our unique cultures, great history, colourful customs, heritages, fine arts and last but not least importantly we are sport. 

We may have witnessed the rise of Laotians.  Laos right now is in its building and changing phase where many of its population are still young.  ASEAN populations may be still in owe surprising by the overwhelming supports of SEA Games and their elite athletes shown by Laotians.  From the very young to the very well respected elders, they displayed the greatest affections to their beloved country by wearing the blue, red and white Lao flag T-shirt.  What is a beautiful sight to be seen!  

Undeniably this 25th SEA Games has many of its first for Laos.  I am proud!  Here is beautiful song by four of the very best & talented artists of Laos.  More info>>>


One of Lao current hottest rock band from Laos – Cells  recently return with more energetic of their spanking brand new song by the name of Phiengmee meaning only If I…. This is perfect to my ears.  More info>>>    


A member of Princess pop band Tick Keopasert recently released her own solo new song called Lae Chao Ja Siaja.  It means “You’ll be Sorry”.  It’s written by lead singer from Cells. Princess disengaged themselves due to commitment of each member.  They are young, talented, beautiful and smart.  Members are currently obtaining their higher education overseas. 

As for Tik who is still living in Laos, this well may be a perfect opportunity to showcase her uncharted talent to her fans.  It’s exciting to see Tik takes control over her career and blossom.  She appeared on Lao National Television Music Program promoting her new song.  More info>>>


This is a sweet love song specifically written by Kabkèo Souvanlasy for Tom Rainbow to sing. It has been a few years since his last contribution to Lao entertainment.  But Tom has been steadily maintaining his exertion of pop presence.  Of course you will recognise all his greatest hits collection.  

With a more matured Tom, every release commands the greatest attention.  This latest track “Jodmay Sbup Soutai” meaning “The latest Love Letter”  due to feature in his forthcoming album. Be on a look out for this beauty!  For more info>>>>


Khad Jao Boredi” meaning “Without You” is the latest track from Buratino.  He is amongst a hive of Lao pop landscape.  He lives in Vientiane capital still he’s managed to cultivate a significant reputation of Japanese influences. 

Buratino came out from nowhere few years ago with a strong performance of his première single called “Unaihi”.  Since then he has made himself a permanent fixture in Lao music scene.  He’s appeared in countless large live events and released many hit songs.  He is now a significant player.  More info >>>

The Laotian American Museum is Born. Lao Museum's purpose is to enlighten the generations of the past and future of the Lao culture. Also, the purpose is to preserve the history of Laos and explain the journey and stories of the many refugees that came to America to seek opportunity, security, and hope for a better future.

The importance of having a Lao Museum is to educate the viewers of the natives of Laos and embrace the traditions of the past. A way to interest the younger generation, we will have a interactive art activity where kids can have the ability to actually feel the artefacts and the culture of Laos.


This is an excellent interview of Voradeth Dittavong conducted by Paxazinh Lao Monthly Magazine.  Voradeth recorded his first hit song Mayuri after his return from France in 1970 after years of studies.  His career spans more than forty years in entertainment business.  When he lived in Laos he recorded, wrote, and produced more than twenty top hit songs.  Many of his hit songs have been re-recorded by many new artists including those from neighbouring countries.  For more info>>>


The official website for Laostar television channel from Vientiane Capital is   


This is classy and moving country music from one of the most beautiful & stylish Jenny Thanamay.  It’s Champa Nai Duangchai meaning Champa Of My Heart.  Champa is the national flower of Laos.  The first thing that you would notice is the sweet and dream like voice of Jenny.  It’s simply amazing.  Honestly, it’s hard to fault stylistic direction.  Importantly, it is a song blending in with the changing surroundings.  Another impressive single!  For more info>>>>


Another inspirational song from Lao most recognised artist, Boua Ggnern Xaphouvong.  It’s called “Zyvid Nagila” meaning “The Spirit of Being Sport”.  This is to dedicate to all athletes competing in 25th SEA Games Vientiane Capital.  As privileged, selected elite of highly trained sport group of people representing your country, you ought to be proud of your achievement & conduct yourself utmost.  There are over half a billion of people within South East Asian nations alone watching your competing.  In sport unfortunately there has to be a winner.  Winning isn’t everything but doing your best to your ability is.  Your country is proud of you!  Cheers!  More info >>>


Two short poems from Lao Art & Foundation Magazine wrote sometimes back in 1996.  Whether you are a true believer or a sceptic of climate change, but it does make sense that as a good citizen of the world we are at least trying to stabilise our earth climate.  More info>>>


Exciting song called Namtaizok from Vientiane Capital rock band known as Smartzon - ສາມັນຊົນ.  It released back several years ago.  It’s a slow country rock song.  Smartzon - ສາມັນຊົນ is a kind of band that you tend to remember them forever once you hear their songs.  They have been around for years performing at club and pub.  Somehow they have yet to release their album.  There are several songs released by them and they are all here at  So check them out.  More info>>>


If you are wondering how famous song writer or even poet put their pure thought on paper.  This is how it’s done.  It’s a simple guide suitable for everyone who enjoys writing Lao poem. It’s from The Lao Art & Music Foundation Magazine.  It’s written by Chanthima Saengsouk.  More info>>>


This poem is by Khamsunya from The Lao Art & Music Foundation Magazine.  It’s written to urge Laotian artists from all over the world to keep on producing Lao finest art as we have been doing for many generations.  So check it out.  For info>>>     


Recently, I had an opportunity to witness an amazing concert by chance in Vientaine by Lao rock group simply known as SDN.  They base in California, America.  It is rare to have all members of the SDN in one place at once let alone staging a concert since each member have other commitment in different part of the world.  Noy is the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter.  He works for a living in the USA while Samlane, a drummer returns to his birth place to help out building Laos.  His recent project is designing the UN building complex next to Patuxay.  He is an architect by profession.  As for the bass player is a very well known artist in the Capital. 

They performed three songs from Noy Sydanon’s first three albums which helped out in the productions.  They had me in a compete awe!  They were simply outstanding.  They are the best band I’ve ever seen performing live!  The sound, the displays of talent, they are very professional.  This is one of their hit rock songs from their previous album.  It’s Kard Nang meaning “Missing You”.  For more info >>>


Culture – Generally Laotians are Buddhist which results in a plethora of temples and stupas in every city, town and village.  Beautiful temples with Lao amazing architecture are within walking distance in the SEA Games city. 

Sights – Laos has a reputable as being a laidback and a peaceful country.  It has a rich history dating back many thousand of years.  Charm of Laos is irresistible. It’s a kind of place which has amazing mountain scenery, beautiful temples and calm. Laos is also home to spectacular wildlife.

Cuisine - Sticky Rice is the staple food and has cultural and religious significance. Lao is the only country with the origin of sticky rice being eaten.  Larb is a traditional dish which believes to bring in lots of luck when consume. It tastes like no other cuisine on Earth!

Accommodation – SEA Games city of Vientiane is the capital of Laos and it is the largest city of Laos.  Population is just over 200,000 and it still the least congested capital city in Asia.  More than two million people visit Laos each year, still accommodation remains very affordable starting from $US20.00 per night or less.  There are many hotels and hostels so there is no need to camp along Mekong River.

Music - The fantastic musical vibe in SEA Games city extends way past the great live music scene and into the record stores.  One of the most popular Lao traditional folk music is known as Lam. So why not seek it out?  Over the past decade Lao pop music has been developing very fast and it is getting very popular with Lao youth.  Laos’s music rocks!  More info >>>

Courtesy of Life Magazine 2009COVER GIRL

Let get to know this beautiful girl from Vientiane Capital.  She appeared on the front cover of Life Magazine Issue 2/2009.  A nineteen years old college student works to support her studies.  A year ago she came fourth in her quest to become Miss Healthy & Wise.  She is currently single and most importantly she loves cooking.  Do you want to know more? Lao emerging magazine known as Life & Business Magazine had an exclusive interview with her. 

Life & Business Magazine also interviewed several entrepreneurs, pop artists, officer worker, official opening of the first ever Chery Sales/Service and spare parts super centre in Laos and many interesting and informative topics. More info >>>



This is a classy one from the most accomplished and Lao’s leading pop artist in the history of Lao modern music.  It’s singer/songwriter/guitarist Sithiphone.  Yahoung meaning “No Worries” is the latest from his up and upcoming album.  Words to this song are unbelievable – simply beautiful.  It is a strong message driven by memorable melody.  More Info>>>

Photo of Models courtesy of Life Magazine 2009


Two of the best country songs by truly Lao modern artist known as Anothay from his two albums are Phouchanh and Katinhaojia.  Anothay has been building his reputation nationally in a short period of time.  That is impressive really. 

The first album has ten Lao classic hit songs from the past.  This album is a testimony to his talent.  Katin Haochay is the only slow song from his première album which sounds both beautifully nostalgic and modern.  This magical song will surely win any audience.  More Info>>>


Pictures took during That Laung Festival 2009.  Bands and singers rehearsed for the Unitel concert.  Some of the most current talented artists of Laos took on the biggest stage of them all ie That Laung Festival. Concerts featured some of the most famous Lao pop stars namely: L Zone, Tee, Texedo, Numtow, Lang, Buratino, Ton, Keev, Billy, Mayla-ong aka May, Madusia and SDN.  More info >>> [Photo] 


 This is the latest pop album by Lao most notorious soulful singer known as Tee Udalai.  It features number one classy top chart hit song called Mor 5.   Also brand new tracks like Tanguy, SiengKoum Housuek, Moa huk, Yakdai yinkham Vahuk and Kard Jao kardjai are some of the best love songs.  Tee penned all twelves songs in this excellent album. It recorded at OLANO & MEGA Studios and produced by Tee himself under Modern Music Company.  More info >>>


Following her remarkable debut as a cute model in one of Lao best music video of all time, May has teamed up with the newest Entertainment house to release her première single called “Thony Kaur Palchay” meaning “Enough to Satisfy”.  Today you cannot avoid clicking on youtube without seeing Lao pop music.  It’s true that many companies have been trying to narrow the gap between Lao and international pop music.  Judging from the recent events, perhaps the divide never existed.   This is another example of far we have come over a short period in modern pop music - the sound or the artist.  There are no shortages of catching sound, beautiful and legitimate stars.  May is too cute to ignore.  More info >>>



The Temple Guys are back and make ever more noise with their damn fine song called “Houbaur “meaning “You’re beautiful”.  Nice, fun and  excellent song.


These are some beautiful pop, rock and country songs from versatile singer/songwriter/producer known as Jaden.  They are sample tracks which offer up the first taste of Jaden’s up and coming sounds from this emerging artist.  More info >>>>


Looking like Touly has not lost any of her sweetness judging from her latest song even she is now with new music company.  This is “Jarkpay Dau Tamta” meaning “Sweet Bitter Tear” from her soon to be released album noted as “The Way I am”.  Touly’s latest will surely appeal to many people.  Her amazing ability to tranquil with turbulent is intriguing.  This is truly sincere and beautiful pop song.  More info >>>


These guys introduce a very cool and very Lao R&B music to music mad Lao teens. They have successfully created tasty urban music in Laos.  More info >>>>


A’pacts is one of those bands identify themselves with certain character and sound.  Once I hear this song I know its A’pacts.  Their first track Hoa Ngoo saw them taking full flight into Lao typhoon music scene.  It became the singular reference point for new or old fans.  This video evidently show that A’pacts have much more to give.  More info >>>


There are so many tourist sites that are so interesting in northern part of laos.  Here are some of those featured on German/French community television.  They are already on my to-do list.


Modern Dance has sprung to prominence in the last couple of years.   With their latest pop sounds seem to be clicking and seemingly firing on all cylinders, it’s easy to see why they have cultivated royal followings.  Two excellent music videos by one of my all time Lao favourite bands.  More info >>>>


Here is another beautiful love song from Bee Syvilay.  It’s an absolute monster of a cool and calm love song by this beautiful, young and talented singer.  She must be a serious contender for the home-grown artist of the year.  “Xay Konnun” meaning “That’s Mine” is a track from an excellent track from Super Hit album released some times ago by Lao Art Media.  It’s written by Vixay Syvongxay.  “Xay Konnun” by Bee is brimming with beauty and brilliance.  Excellent stuff!  More info >>>


A well known local band from the capital of Nakorn Luang Vientiane presents it itself yet with another cracking track known as “Kongnarm Mukpeun’ meaning “Beautiful but Naughty”.  If you have pimped up your car this will be the sound for pumping up the stereo while cruising in the capital.  The energy and effortless cool are infectiously exciting. More info >>>>

Amy Chanthaphavong - Miss Asian America 2009CLASSIC BEAUTY

Another beautiful classic love song from singer, songwriter and a truly local professional musician Sithiphone Souvannasouk is Huk Tang Pasa meaning “Vision of Love”.  This will be one of many fantastic classic love songs which will be in his up and coming album.  

Soulful, wonderful voice, incisive lyrics and pleasant melodies combine with one elegant, stunning, and beautiful looking of Amy Chanthaphavong who is the face of Lao people.   She currently crowns Miss Asian America for 2009. The overall effect?  Simply outstanding! 

There are more many excellent photos of Miss Asian America 2009 which can be viewed at David Yu photo stream.  So check them out.  More info >>>


The most famous, brightest and talented artists at present in Laos come together to sing the 25th SEA Games theme song.  They are Sithiphone, Sam, Gai, Malya and Poui.  The English version is called SEA Games Harmony and Lao is Samakee SEA Games. Lyric and Rhythm by: Saysavath Singnamvong.  Words of these songs are available here at  More info >>>



This is the latest demo track from someone who’s grown up in contemporary Laos, absorbing the fashionable music of the moment.  He is Sithiphone Souvannasouk.

Sithiphone has been delivering darn fine pop songs for more than a decade.  Most of the songs in his new album will be Lao classic love songs from the past.  He will again bring simplicity, beauty, elegance and brilliance back to songs we once dearly loved listening to. 

Songs such as Khang Neung Nai Zee Wit, Ya Houang, Houang Baw Hai, Hard Sai Ngam Yen, Huk Tang Pha Sah are some of the most beautiful classic love songs ever.

To celebrate this occasion we do have few tracks for Sithiphone’s fans from around the globe to listen, embed video to their Myspace, Facebook, hi5, etc… More info >>>


Another brilliant classic love song from a very passionate Mouky is “Hug 1 Jay Deo” meaning “One and Only”.  This song commands so much pulling power even more with beautiful and sexy Mulang featured in this music video.  Mulang, you are simply beautiful!  And Mouky’s interpretation of this beautiful classic song is so superb. This is so cool.  More info >>>


25 years old singer/song writer/producer known as Sam released his outstanding première album in January 2008.  The self-titled album “Sam” has some of the best Lao original pop/RnB songs.  The album has eight Lao songs & the other five are in English.  Sam penned all songs in this debut album.  Sam spent 10 years educating himself in Australia.  He returned home after graduating from Bachelor of Arts – Major in Recording Art to help out his peers producing some of many great songs with Indee Records.  More info>>> 


One of Lao many finest artists is no doubt is this cool, calm and good looking Anousone Vongkhammounty.  He is from Lao art Media music camp and they have been touring Laos extensively with his music company.  These are two excellent songs from his recent released album called “POP HUGG” meaning “Love Struck”.  They are “Yaleur” meaning “Think Twice” and “Tamjay” meaning “Temptation”.  Listening to these songs is so refreshing.  They are simply brilliant!  More info>>>


Music lovers have been waiting for several years for Overdance to release new album.  After appearing on Thai television show, gaining massive fans on both sides of Mekong river & touring Laos extensively, Overdance’d locked themselves in Laos wilderness searching for natural beats & hits.  Well, wait no more because they just came out from exile with these amazing songs.  They sound as creative, superb and fascinating as ever.  The sounds are absolutely amazing!  Well, they are the sounds from the band getting confident in what they do.  I am impressed.  More info>>>


Mueang Leu Baur is a sad love song from one popular boy band known as Happy Boys.  This is simply brilliant.  These boys are telling straight from their hearts - always willing and available to be the one.  These talented youngsters have undoubtedly one of the freshest voices Lao pop scene has heard.  We have watched them grown and they certainly are coming of age with sound that’s really all their own, and that is something remarkably exciting!  Nicely crafted melodies and imagery-laden lyrics are extremely well-delivered.  More info>>>


Rock band from Thailand Carabao performed live on stage in Sydney.  The band has been pumping out solid rock songs for more than two decades.  This was their first ever concert in Sydney.  They auctioned out two priceless arts at the show to help out AIDS organization back home.  They also brought with them beautiful Parn.  She performed live also & she was so good.  I love Parn.  It was one of the best nights out for some times for me.  More pictures>>>


A former member of A’pacts band is this beautiful songstress appropriately known as soulful Lady.  This multi lingual & talented Lady also hosts a popular music television show called Music Zone.  She recently released her solo premier album called Lady Cool.  Appearing in Music Boom television show promoted her new album.  My favourite from cool debut album is a catchy “Kao Kue Kaum Jing” meaning “Love is Real” is a mixture of Lao and Japanese song.  It’s simply beautiful.  Lady possesses perhaps the best popular voice in Lao pop music, more importantly, shows real songwriting smarts.  Do check out her premier single from Lady Cool album “Kaumjeb Puad Kong Phouying” meaning “The Hurt of Lady”. It's written by Lady.   More info>>>


Staffs of Network Ten television station from Australia took CARE Cycle Challenge by cycling across northern provinces of Laos.  They raised money building facilities for our remote communities.



Ngex Black5 is an artist who records their songs in Fanfam studios from a beautiful suburb of Sydney under watchful eyes of abrasive, bald, smiley producer.  Ngex Black5 is a learned artist, free of competition, happily pursuing his ear for the unusual and self-satisfying.  “Kortord” means “Sorry” is the latest from Ngex Black5.  This is arty outing & beautiful.  The best part is that the singer shows his sensibilities but that is pop.  Good stuff.  More info>>>


After more than a year of working in this project, IBU’s sophomore album is finally ready for distribution. The album is titled "Inspired By U," which is what IBU stands for. IBU is a multi-awarded R&B group based in Chicago. On this album, IBU hopes to showcase their true R&B character as an artist, and in the true tradition of their soulful and harmony drenched compositions.  The songs will present a more mature IBU, vocally and artistically.

“Inspired By U” is now signed to an exclusive major distribution deal, and the distributor has set a release schedule different from IBU’s planned date. As a result of the exclusive agreement, IBU is prohibited to release any material on the album, in part or in whole, including promotional CDs before the official release date set by the distributor.  More info>>>

Economics student from National University of Laos, Sithphaseth Keocharath simply known as Lang, appeared on Thai television promoting his première album, Lang Motion One.  He is from Vientiane, a small and sleepy capital city of Laos.  He also banks on his good look by appearing in Thai television series called "Motorcycle Ghost".  More songs & info at you2play website


Here is one cool lyric-smart, laid-bare and thought-provoking folk rock song from southern part of Laos known as the land of Champa. It is the only place on earth where you can do island hoping between four thousand islands, fresh water dolphin watching and the most  preferred location for big company to do business such as logistic transportation, manufacturing, packaging, processing etc..with guarantee satisfying returns.  Hongseepe from chappy Phoukaovarn Chanthachack is a very cheeky song about those – yep, enterprising.  Specifically, it’s about the boom business of rice milling. Lao folks rock!  I am definitely in the wrong business.  More info >>>


Laos was one of a few instrumental players in the establishment of biannually Southeast Asian Peninsula (SEAP) Games Federation in June 1959.  During Indo-china war Laos was unable to send its elite athletes to several games.  Finally in 1989 Laos was back in action.   Game is on.  Between 9 -18 December 2009, Laos will host the 25th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) from small Capital city, Vientiane.  More info >>> Site<<<

This is another beautiful country love song from Phoukaovarn Chanthachack called “Yakpenthi Syta” meaning “Look My Way” from album with the same title.  It’s written by Khamphet Sychantho.  Simply outstanding! More info >>>

This is another great country hit song from young sensation folk artist, Noymany Sokeosy.  It’s “Thanna Thanggun” meaning “Classic Lady” from his album called “Huk Sao Mor 5”. Simply superb!  More info>>>

One of many princesses of Lao country folk artists, Leena has recorded her evocative and honest tune.  Lao Folk rock music is about making people dance whether under darkness night sky of million stars or under merely the flashing lights of mirror ball.  It can be simply quiet or loud, complex or delicate.  Here is how Leena bring her music to life with her song called “Koiyuk Mipoua” meaning “It’s My Lucky Year”.  There is even more reasons to get over excited of this song after watching her music video. Not only she‘s gorgeous and sexy lass, she can sing. More info>>>


Let hear it from the prince of darkness - Gumby aka Pryce who already has reached cult status level of stylistic maturity.  Gumby yet again flexes his sophisticated hip hop weaponry.  Video produced by young Impak showing literate glitz, sexy club goers, ego, sophistication, subtle and destructive hatred that make Gumby great.  This is Rock Radio.  More info >>>


Kingsada Nouhoung has been progressively introducing to Lao music fans from a famous Lao Noum Gosin music camp since mid 2000’s.  Nouhoung is one of well respected names in Lao entertainment industries.  Kingsada released her première debut album a few years back.  In a changing time where popular music excels she feels that her country needs her.  She responds to the pledge with all of these marvellous songs.  More info>>>


Laotians are proud of their customs, cultures, traditions, arts, religions and history which can be traced back many thousand years.  This is a video that ignites many Lao youth to take up and learn this unique Lao art.  Amazing!


Vannasone Keodara and Buu-Van A.J. Rasih have been nominated for the sixth annual Asian heritage Awards in the Categories of Film/Media (VK) and Cultural Preservation (BVR) respectively.  They are nominated for their excellent community services.  Vannasone keodara is a contributor for the Lao Diaspora for Voice of America (VOA) where as a multi-lingual Buu-Van A.J. Rasih, a native of Luang Prabang is considered as language and culture expert.  He had served and supported many Asian communities, especially Laotian American community in San Diego areas.  To find out more please log on to  Do check web site where it also promotes Lao culture through arts.

One of the coolest & prettiest turntablist from Kuala Lumpur, home of the tallest twin towers in the world and Milkii Hani.  In the art dominated by the likes of male DJ, Milkii could be one female DJ forging the progression of rave music into Malaysia.

Beginning of the year 2008, Milkii Hani decided to join Royale Academy DJ School aka Excessive Records, Kuala Lumpur under probationary of the Guru, one of Malaysia pioneer's DJ Bryan Burger for learning and skills guidance on her DJingg efforts. From there, she is really coming into her own.  Then Milkii inspires to seek out new challenges in DJing variable sounds such as techno-tech, house, progressive trance, tribal and disco house.  More info>>> 


Fans waiting for a cool Lao rock band need wait no longer with the emergence of this hot all girls band from a small capital known as Vientiane.  They are known to be Secret.  These young rock chicks are gearing up to rock your world and are set to be first off their rank to receiving support they rightfully deserve.  They play instruments, sing their own songs and they are having fantastic time of their lives.  Their excellent album called “It’s Me” is inescapable at the moment overseas or across border and it’s surely making its way to Laotian ears all over the world. Did you know Secret won Best Group in Lao Music Award 2008.

There is always room for another rock starlet in Lao music landscape.  Valentine Music Company has yet introduced another fresh idea and that is another possibility.  If you are after a catchy, strong rock song then look no further. This is “Baur Long Baur Hoo” meaning “Taste of Time”.  It’s a rock song with solid attitude where guitar chords chase a driving beat.  And in this song music video, you will be able see the beautiful frontwomen in full flight – very cool.  This is a serious classy production and as for song title, it sums up the new and real attitude of our new generations.  Go and get it you girls!  Good stuff.  More info>>>


Pretty Cool is a spanking new girl band from C Star music camp.  Their latest honey sweet lolly pop song is “Hug Vao Tear Pak” meaning “Rotten Kind of Love” from C Star Summer album.  Given our present global economic situation, there are still ton of new songs coming out left, right and centre.  It must be that we are ahead of the game and entirely capable.   For those who have a worrying thought in mind, this may be just a sort of song you need to listen to in order to distract you from eminent job loss.  More info >>>


“1 Kam kub tooktook sing” means “Everything Has Changed” is the latest from brilliant young talented singer/song writer home grown pop princess - Aluna. This is Lao pop song at its best.  Excellent!  More info >>>


Fans waiting for a cool Lao rock band need wait no longer with the emergence of this hot all girls band from a small capital known as Vientiane.  They are known to be Secret.  These young rock chicks are gearing up to rock your world and are set to be first off their rank to receiving support they rightfully deserve.  They play instruments, sing their own songs and they are having fantastic time of their lives.  Their excellent album called “It’s Me” is inescapable at the moment overseas or across border and it’s surely making its way to Laotian ears all over the world. Did you know Secret won Best Group in Lao Music Award 2008.

There is always room for another rock starlet in Lao music landscape.  Valentine Music Company has yet introduced another fresh idea and that is another possibility.  If you are after a catchy, strong rock song then look no further. This is “Baur Long Baur Hoo” meaning “Taste of Time”.  It’s a rock song with solid attitude where guitar chords chase a driving beat.  And in this song music video, you will be able see the beautiful frontwomen in full flight – very cool.  This is a serious classy production and as for song title, it sums up the new and real attitude of our new generations.  Go and get it you girls!  Good stuff.  More info>>>

On the weekend, I did something that is absolutely silly, something that is outrageous and ridiculous.  Here it is.  I am one of many biggest fans of Sandra.  When I was in dusty Vientiane I met up with her.  She has done so much for Lao entertainment industries. 


Tommy Chanthasene's heartfelt and insight lyrics of “Can’t Get Over You” are brought to life by IBU's smooth, soulful, seamless voices.  This is well crafted song written by Tommy Chanthasene is testament to his song writing prowess. This three member group delivers such rich harmonic sound that makes them different from the usual boy bands.  More info>>>

After winning Lao song contest Close Up Music Award in 2006, Nalin has not looked back ever since.  She signed with Indee Records and initially appeared as backing singer with popular rock band known as Cells in a song called Kon Mue Song meaning second Chance.

It took another two years before Nalin’s self titled debut album released.  2008 was her year. It was huge.   Her première single Vao Baba meaning "Talk to Me Babe" sat on top on all Lao charts for many months.  It was well appreciated by fans all over.  The album draws inspiration from modern punk, 90s alterna-pop, 50s rock and the music of the Caribbean according to the Indee Records website. 

She then got invited to perform in Japan representing Laos at the first Asia Pop Concert.  She performed first at Yokohama and then in Kibuya.  While she was in Japan she also appeared on Tokyo television channel in one on of entertainment programme

Her latest track is Kon Nisiadee meaning Positive Thinking!  Looking like her success will keep on rocking on top of Lao chart in years to come.  It is an exciting time for Lao music.  More info >>>


PH Studio is responsible for producing some of the best known country songs for the famous three brothers of the Nouhoung.  Sao Dongdok or Sao Simeaung songs were some of the most famous songs in their time.  Phonh is the man behind the studio.  The latest album made by PH Studio is Sesumack’s Kidhot Baan Berd album.  If you like to have midi files for karaoke singing, you can download or order from Phonh.  This is Lum Putia by Mekkhala Sathaphone.  It’s called Om Kodmae meaning Mother’s Love.  It’s a perfect song to have it played for your mum for Mother’s Day.  It’s written by Master Seangdara Phakathong.  Cheers. >>   More info <<


This is another cool Lao rock song by one hot rising music star known as Sook.  Yindee Morphi meaning “This is For You” is one hell of a cool rock song.  It rocks small capital by transporting the vibrant energy & the party spirit to sleepy streets of Vientiane.  There are so many of us who can embrace the newest, coolest and finest.  This is definitely one.  It's so hot & sexy!  More info>>>


This is the Truth from Laotian quartet pop band known as Modern Dance, one of many popular pop groups from dusty street of Vientiane.  The band makes up of two extremely sizzling hot girls and two spunky dudes.  The Truth is hot.  More info>>>   


Idolz, a pop group from Laos is coming up with this new party tune called “Missin’ U”.  They are into modern pop culture that characterise our changing time.  


This is ULUVUS rock band, a group of young European guys also colloquially known as Farangkeenok who reside in Vientiane come together in search of spiritual enlightenment instead they make kick ass rock sound.  They sing in Lao and they rock.  This song is Phu Sao meaning hot Girl.  They supported Sean Kingston during his concert in Nakone Luang Vientiane. Uluvus rocks!  More info >>>


Here is how the mighty Lao rocker Cells keeping it real.  They are jamming street of Bangkok busking.  This cool video is Deekau Baurmepi meaning With or Without You.  It’s a track from Sanam Luang Karaoke album.  Cells rock!  More info>>>


Chocolate Boy is the latest track released by Indee Records.  This indulgent, frothy hot Chocolate Boy made in one exotic part of South East Asian land known as Laos.  There are three flavours.  They are smooth caramel Sam, black hazelnut Kave and sweet & hot Anita.  Indee Records have made yet another inspired decision by releasing track performing by these three magnificent artists. Sound great and love the music video.  Nice. More info>>>


Lao music fans get ready for another loud noise.  In pursue to bring the future of music to the ears of today; this rock band from Laos known as Tuxedo has produced another extraordinary groundbreaking Lao sonic sound.  These two excellent tracks from Tuxedo will surely have you and future generations nod your heads to and set on making your day a whole lot more memorable.  They are beautiful Hoove Kao Kao meaning Memory and explosive Kaumfun meaning Believe in The Dream.  They are the perfect examples of Lao rock songs done right.  It’s well arranged, adapted to the times and importantly presented by passionate musicians.  Music videos look cool.  More info>>>


Mouky new DVDFinally we’ve got what we have been hanging out for.  Contrary to the original plan, experiment with punk, heavy hardcore metal has seen the light of day.  Pop and rock are in.  After long inactivity of his hard rock band, the Bohaln, where Mouky is the lead vocalist, he has been working on his solo project.  This will be a good start for 2009 with the release of this beautiful album, whose secret was a combination of smart and hard work, and single minded determination to produce the best Lao pop/rock song ever.  Brilliant “Mouky  Phong-Oudom Love song” is a recycle of classic love songs from the past to modern, cool and contemporary pop/rock songs.

“Mouky  Phong-Oudom Love song”  is a contemporary pop/rock with flair.   Mouky added acoustic, rock, string, attitude & pushed the beautiful sound into spaces where few of our small city contemporaries dared inhabit.  His presentation of beautiful pop/rock songs demonstrates powerful force with sensitivity, conveying an unpretentious masculinity without hiding vulnerability.  His expression of desire, passion, and lust gave the sound an emotional dept.  This is so cool, polished, elegant, energetic, razor-sharp pop rock sound album.

Expect this album to gain Mouky a whole host of new fans (even more fans than he gained from The Bohaln).  His transformation from hardcore punk heavy metal to pop/rock artist has completed.  Mouky rocks!  More info >>>  


Sweet fine pop song by one of Lao emerging pop star named Tulle.  She was once Laung Prabang’s Nang Sangkarne.  This is “Just Say Hi” song from her première album also called “Just Say Hi”.  It’s available from music outlets near you.  It’s nice simple pop song by one of Lao cutest singer.   More info >>>     


This is a song by Suthin, a folkish Lao country rock song.  It's about a blackish dude from southern province known as the land of Champa falling for a sweet talking girl from the North.  This is so true that the most romantic, generous, fun, poetic and honest type from the south almost every time hopelessly head over heels in love with Northern beauty.  Take me for instance, a self promoted, unconventional, traditional moron seems so cool as ice and melt every time in hot girl's lips.  One problem though, can't talk...More info>>>>



After writing many songs and making several albums, Sarky was signed to play lead guitar for The Exile.  The Exile is still one of Lao hard rock pioneer.  Together with the Exile they made music videos and also appeared in media.    Thousand and thousand of Lao music fans around the globe hear his music. More info>>>>>  


Congratulations to those who took home first ever Lao Music Awards.  These amazing young and talented people have written their own history.  The real winners are Lao music, fans, artists, producers, Music storeowners, sponsors and all of whose who make happen.  Lao music have entered into yet another new frontier and another exciting new chapter lies ahead.  Fasten your seatbelt, Lao music has taken off on top speed.  These are artists who won awards:  

  • Princess Aluna - Best Female Artist & Best Pop Song Awards

  • Pretty Young Ting - Most Popular Artist

  • Hot & Smooth Cream - Best New Artist

  • Loud & Heavy, Hard Rock Cells - Best album, Most popular song and Best Rock Song, and Cells' vocalist Sak won Best Songwriter.

  • Laotians Represent, Hip Hop Representz - Spitting LOG - Best R n B

  • Best Male Artist is Tone Aniluth.  

  • Seamless Secret - Best Group.  Other winners are Noh and Mee for Best Producer.


Watch this cool Lao music television programme broadcasting out of Vientiane precinct which showcases the current hottest artists on Lao music scene .  It's Music Boom.  This show is so cool & exceptionally impressive specially the interviews parts.   Each episode conducts outside studio in various locations with artists & fans.  It captures enigmatic Vientiane and its pop culture.  Music Boom endears itself to younger demographics.  Importantly, this show demonstrates that many young Laotians are listening to Lao music.  Excellent programme.  Check it out. More here
Online Videos by  


With her latest outstanding new single, this home-grown songstress sings about the most tormented, painful, frustrated, touchy subject ever.  It’s about love, doubt, insecurity, impatient of not knowing and waiting for love to come along.  

Koy is by far the most complete, sensual, intimate, irresistible Lao pop song ever released.  Doesn't Ting look like her voice: cute, adorable, pretty, slender, lovable and feminine!  Just do not take my words for it.  She is one of the nominees at Lao ever first Music Awards named amongst the best of Lao most talented artists on the land of million elephants. More info>>>


Here is a song about schooling by one of Lao most notorious soulful singer known as Mr Tee Udalai.  Talking about class, this latest song Mor 5 (That is senior year in secondary school) has definitely class of it own: the music, lyrics, melody and vocal.  It is outrageously beautiful.  Mr Tee penned this from his own experience.  In fact, most songs from second album are coming from his heart.  More info>>>     


A few years back when we conducted an interview with a well known Lao rock star, we were advised that we should investigate on a guy with long hair known as Toui Bb Gun.  Well, here is an excellent pop song called "Kon Keng" meaning "My Girl".  This is a fantastic deceptive love story.  Poetic, moment of love, heartbreak, grief, disappointed moment are painted in your mind as you listen to this song.  This is completely compelling.  In today's musical environment where there are so many good music, pop is still travelling at top speed, forging ahead.  Good advice coming from one Lao Crimino is "Keep On Movin".  More info>>> 


23 years old artist is simply known as Sam released his outstanding première album in January 2008.  He is working for Indee Records.  The self-titled album “Sam” has some of the best Lao original pop/RnB songs.  The album has eight Lao songs & the other five are in English.  Sam penned all songs in this debut album.  Sam spent 10 years educating himself in Australia.  He returned home after graduating from Bachelor of Arts – Major in Recording Art to help out his peers producing some of many great songs with Indee Records.  Check here for more info.   


Here are five young men from various provinces of Laos coming together to form this boy band known as LA 5.  They are with Lao Art Media.  They sing, dance and look amazingly confident.  They are so slick and cool.


21 years old Lang is a fourth year student of National University of Laos.  He is from Vientiane Precinct.  He signed with newly formed Thai music company, SEA �� ART -South East Asia – Art.  Lang Motion I will be his première album.  More songs & info at  


Tino is a new artist signed with Lao Art Media.  Currently he is in Japan studying.  It is time to inject more dance music - electronica style into Lao nightclub.  This will certainly keep the music hype rolling.  This guy sings in Lao and Japanese.  More songs at 


I am in love with Princess.  They are four absolute gorgeous girls who come together to create something unique, something beautiful, sweet and some eyes popping. Princess now represents a new beginning, a realization that shifts in Lao pop music into another era and new exciting possibility.  Contemporary Lao pop has entered into new frontier.  This is for people who appreciate the ultimate in sweetness, sexy, beautiful and sound.  

Princess released their première debut self-titled album in 2007.  It includes combinations of pop, hip-hop and art into one inspiring package, under watchful eyes of international producer.  It’s simply brilliant & blatantly commercial.  If you have not heard their sexy pop songs or seen their youthful energy in music video then it is the time.  If this is where Lao pop music is headed, I am not worried.  More info>>>>


 Do you like pop music?  Here is the latest song from spanking new five-man band from down town Vientiane called HIGH FLAME.  They come out this catchy song pop song called Jia Baur Ka meaning Insecurity in English.  Yeah, it is a teeny, love song from the boy point of view.  This song is about insecure young man fall in love with pretty young girl.  More info >>>


Birdie has created the sound that will redefine soul music as we know it and place the term "Underground Pop" on the lips of all who hear her melodies.  Her debut album entitled "Underground Pop: Xposed", will combine her passion for Hip Hop, Pop, and Soul and blends her soulful sounds and rich tones into a new creative vibe all her own.  Her debut album showcases Birdie's ability as an artist, and will capture audiences worldwide as she reaches out to her Laotian heritage.

"Underground Pop: Xposed," is the eagerly anticipated first release from the Blood in the Water Records group. The label is launched by Disraeli Arito, in-demand producer, author, writer, creator and musician.  Songs like "Without You" highlight her range, while the rhythmic beats of "Til the End of Time" and "Sexy" showcase her natural talent. Her anthem, the single "I'm a Bytch", is available on her myspace page.  More info>>>>>


Here are some of the concert video clips from Laos.  The concert staged during Pra That Laung Festival a few years back at unofficial Lao Entertainment centre, ITECC.  The concert also coincided with record company second birthday.   These are some of  promising young rock stars coming out from Lao record company, Valentine Music (MV).  The first video is by 99 Degree band.  They are one finest rock band group coming out from down town of Vientiane capital.  Its title is "Fun Lom Lom" meaning "Dream Only". The second video is by DVB.  The song is "Hub Borvai" meaning " Not Guarantee".  The third video is by Ting Philavanh + Tuoi.  This song is Namfon meaning " Rain Water" or simply "Rain".  This song topped the chart when it first released.  It was a song where Valentine Music experimented, a fusion of pop and hip hop sounds.  It's about Namfon, pretty young girl from provincial country side.  More info >>>>




Lao music companies are now producing a wide variety of songs, introducing new music styles every month and playing them over the radio each day.

Cream, a new singer with Lao Art Media, is now the most popular artist among teenagers in Vientiane.  Cream said that her song Mokha tells about the young love of two teenagers. The girl falls in love with a boy she has never met. Finally they get to meet and form a friendship.  The only album featuring Cream at present has 12 tracks, with some performed by the bands Fleshy, Wanchai, Happy Boys. Since Cream featured on the earlier album, she has toured the country as well as performing in some of the nearby provinces of Thailand.  More info >>>>


The most well known, young, beautiful, poignant, articulated, talented diplomat of Laos is no doubt is Alexandra Bounxouei.  She has toured across continents - Europe, America, Australia, and Asia representing her country as well as herself performing her music.  Born to Bulgarian mother and Lao father, Sandra speaks Bulgarian to her dad and Lao to her mum at home. 

Piano is her first instrument that Sandra learns.  But she is widely known for her beautiful playing of violin, an instrument that is hard and take long hours of practice daily to master.  Currently, she is staring in a popular Thai television comedy series as a leading woman showing on prime time TV, a story about young Thai guy, Wier Sukollawat Kanarot falling for typical Lao girl, Alexandra Bounxouei.  The show is Pleng Rug Rim Fung Khong.  More info >>>


A 22 years old Lao student has become Vietnamese pop star.  Keota Xayyasing appeared on popular Vietnamese television show singing a song he penned.

This Economics Major student, Keota released his première album in Vietnam in 2006.  He wrote all tracks.  A track from this CD called "Gửi làn gió" has been on top of charts.  He is now very popular artist among teen fans across Vietnam.  More info >>>>


The hot new thing pop out rocking is new Alternative Rock band known as D-Faith.  The band make up of three cool dudes.   Between them, they have brought extensive musical experience in all facets to come up with their cool and unique sound to re-connect with younger and hip Lao audience.   Heavy use of string instruments and their sexy soul of lead vocalist immediately invite comparisons with another great band - Chitpanya but these boys from the south have their old style.  More info >>>


Here is a rock song by one of Lao finest band from Down Under, the Crystal Band.  It's Mod Deun Mod Ngern.  if it sounds familiar then you are not wrong.  The tune from this song is borrowed from Lao classic song but the lyrics have been changed.  This is a fun song depicting a tale of certain group of people living in the struggle street.  Funny but it's true hahahah.  Andy, this is your life!


Many may not aware that there are music from other parts of Laos neighbouring countries apart from Thailand, namely China and Myanmar where they too sing in Lao language.  We have music video to show you.   They are pop music from Myanmar. They are  in Lao.  Just want to demonstrate how far musically they are comparing to us anyway.    These two artists sing formidable pop songs, they just could be the generically perfect Lao songs.  This may help more people notice their brilliant songs which are still holding my attention and dumbfounded after some months.  More info >>> 

Gumby new songs


For all hard rock / pop fan, the talented and poignant Noy Sydanon together with SDN Band have just done with their music video.  Songs are from Noy first three excellent albums.   They are ready for you to own.  To watch their latest please log on to the official website.  They also have new single for you to sample.  More info >>>


What is left to say about modern Lao pop music?  It’s already exceeded expectation.  Here comes another young sensation hotting-up the music sense again. 

In the midst and hype of urban and dance music, it's often hard to find the quality pop song coming out.  Fortunately pretty young Julu has risen to fill that void with her debut cd.  The songs in the album aren't nothing short of brilliant.

With his band, they had received a lot of interests from major recording labels such as Warner brothers, Curb Records, 501 Records but America isn't just yet quite ready to see a Lao front man to lead a band.  But the world is....  More info>>>


With his previous album Lermmay, he has reached Lao pop legendary status.  His latest is dropping just in time for summer, and is looking to be massive.  One of his latest songs that will definitely feature high on the best song list of all time is track number nine “Ngo Eng”.   More info>>>>


KORAT was formed to show their appreciation, celebrate and share with others the music of LOSO (Low Society), a legendary band from Thailand that has been making rock music for over a decade. The music of LOSO guided 5 strangers together from different nationalities to become 1.  More info>>>


Their debut album exceeded expectations.  They have been reminding us how unbelievable heavy they were.  Lao Heavy was their album which set the benchmark for Lao heavy metal on which every act was measured.   They are back.  More info>>>>>


He has established himself as formidable artist around.  Mr. Tee certainly sounds relaxed and assured.

Nicely crafted melodies and imagery-laden lyrics are extremely well-delivered by a crunchy voice like he's caught in his zipper.  Well, he pops his rock off.

Sometimes things are beautiful purely for their simplicity and consistency.  Striking the balance between emotive vocals and beautiful music, this is a worthy pop/rock album.  More info>>>>


Valentine Music (VM) has unearthed yet another brilliant young talented group of people.  VM keeps the momentum of producing more exciting rock music going.  APACTS band is an excellent example.  Two pretty young girls and three hunks make up APACTS.  They rock!  More info>>>>


Another flash of hype or the real thing?  By now you should have made up your mind about Lao music. Introducing another brilliant home grown talent.  Listen to brand new songs of hers.  She delivers them with a great deal of class and ability that the world should equally recognise as damn good.  More info>>>>


Now there's a name just ripe with promise.  It is obviously Lao in origin. All songs in IBU album are very serious in its politics of romance subject matter.  Tommy Chanthasene's heartfelt and insight lyrics are brought to life by IBU's smooth, soulful, seamless voices.  These well crafted songs written by Tommy Chanthasene are testament to his song writing prowess.  More info>>>>


AWAKE is a brand spanking new talented Vientiane pop band.  Their songs are simple and honest.  Take for instance a first track “LeKoy” is an excellent example of a typical AWAKE soulful, emotional journey.

 AWAKE released the première album which has some of the best 10 pop/rock songs. This is a real solid debut album.  More info >>>>>


Prepare yourself for this unforgettable debut album from Vientiane singer Ting Phailavanh. Led by her hit single “1 Natee”, this CD showcases a superb local talent whose song writing skills, lyrics and vocal will leave you speechless.

It seems Ting Phailavanh has come out from no where to be the new darling of Lao music scene. Actually, Ting has always loved music. She started writing her own song....More info >>>>


With his unique blend of catchy of pop and country melodies and impeccable lyrics, Bounthieng Mannivong has lived three decade of frenzy of creative output and touring the world. A former Song Contest Festival winner back in the late 70s, one of many famous artists that we have the privilege to work with. TEAM meaning "Toss away" is one of his many hit songs.   It's written specially for him by Thai, The Outsider.  A few years after Bounthieng Mannivong released this song, Arismann, a Thai singer turn politician also released this same song. More info>>>


He is a true Lao super star.  A multilingual singer who can sing in Lao, Thai, Vietnamese, French, English and Spanish.   He has this amazing abilities to connect with his audiences.  He can charm and talk to his fan.  He is one of the best artists we have ever worked with.  We had the most fun traveling across Australia doing concert.  He now runs excellent restaurant in Savannakhet City with brothers.  For those who like to eat delicious food and enjoy light music entertain by the man himself do visit the best restaurant in Savan.  More info>>>>


Techno Friend is one of many famous Lao pop groups.  This is their debut album that really rocket them into stardom and command expect from their follow musicians.  Ten fantastic songs are in the album. 

More Info >>>> 


Laotian artists really bring all attention nationwide and internationally to the bright lights, a small country like Laos, and this year we have another talented artist emerging.

Malyssa, the first-known artist of Lao-Thai descent who has made it in the mainstream American music industry, talks to VOA about her life, musical aspirations, and her debut all-English album, Reminisce, which has received wide airplay. More info>>

Holiday Romance

It's that time of the year again, summer school holiday where fun is loaded.  There is a new album coming out.  All songs in this brand new album inked specially for student or teacher.  They possessed a distinct originality.  This could be the start of something beautiful.

We have this track from ZiRD's brand new CD from  for all of you.  Enjoys!

Have a joyous holiday and Happy New Year everyone.  More info>>>


Here are classic songs from one of Lao great pop/rock band from the past, the Galaxy.  They used to be one of the hip bands.  Find out why.

In the past they toured Australia and America extensively.  Yes, they were one of many bands we used to work with.  They released two albums.  Here are three songs from their first CD.  Download songs >>>>>


Another up and coming young artists, Ding and  Nook or simply known as DoubleCom.  They released their debut album titled Dreams Come True. 

This is a remarkably self-assured first effort  The duet score big with their hit songs such as the delicious Yak Bok Hi Hu, the delightful Kao kau Fan, the trendy 1 kam tamn, the beautiful Bo Yak Di Yin and many more. 

We have a sample tracks from this all pop up album. More info>>>


Breathtaking is the word to describe this young, beautiful, articulated, talented ALEXANDRA, another hot, up and coming Lao artist.  Here comes …… 

Sixteen year-old Thidavanh Bounxouay is a new phenomenon in the entertainment scene in Laos.  Eight of the best brand new pop/rock songs feature in her première album, “DREAM”.   [more info]


Two years after the release of Chitpanya's brilliant Yood Verra is set to release the follow up.  Bandit Chitpanya said "We are currently working on new material".

Yood Verra is the product of a four guys, all from Nashville, TN.   It is music that the band finds most of its enjoyment, where each member bring their own ideas and perspective to create something unique and exciting. 

As for right now, the band are prepared and focused on pushing themselves, and their music as far as possible.  They are my number band! www.chitpanya.comMore info>>  


After a tremendous successful touring in 2002, Pane's got music biz hype behind him.  It's easy to see why he is possibly one of the top 10 artists in the new Millennium.  Just listen to his latest track 'OnLa'.  The quality of this song, with every listen captures the tortured emotion within the lyrics to painstaking perfection.  [More info]


From the creative team behind Sinxay's second album Tongdum Tongdang (HYP Studio), comes this new JACK's CD.

Ready to do is the altitude of our new generation. is glad to see new artist pop up again.  This time is Jack who just released pop and soft album self titled "JACK". More info>>>>


Listen to one of the best song, Vanida new remixed dance version of Hugte Ti Lorkkoy.  This is world première. from this beautiful artist, Vanida from the lone star state.  All songs in this album are tailored for the broken hearted or unlucky-in-loved Club.   All songs in this album are tailored for the broken hearted or unlucky-in-loved Club. This CD will definitely attract the attention of every Laotian rock/pop lover worldwide.  [More info]


The time is certainly right for the world to discover the magnificent Nithada. The chic is a world class act.

Nithada lives in France and burst into French music in 2001 with debut single hit Viens Vers Moi. Her love of music started when she was 14. She is in Warner Music book.

The tracks have sweet melodies and shifting tempos. The good news is that they are good! Those two songs demonstrate the brilliant talent of Nithada.

Viens Vers Moi is a rich, honest, innocent and absolutely beautiful song. It has beautiful overall sound with fast moving beats. It’s effortless COOL!

Sample songs are available at her website at  [more info]


The next big Lao thing?  Well, if you take Mike’s latest album, “Made In Heaven”, as an indication then it is.  It’s out now.  While music is getting angrier and the World is full of chaos and suffering and people are getting nastier, forget them.  Get this CD into your life.  [more info]

visit mike's Restaurant

@ No 3 Minto Road Minto NSW "Sri Thai"


The hottest Laotians' pop diva, Ketsana Vilaylack is back.  She is now working on her latest material in California, America.  Her fans will be glad to see her performing live before them again.

After spending the previous years recorded her latest CD in Thailand and toured Laos    She is now ready to get in touch with her fans around America.     FANMAIL [More info]


New artist emerges from Germany, We introduce you to Sugar & Cream.  Kethakone Sananikone is a young blue guitarist playing with a band, Sugar & Cream.  After hearing several of their demo songs, they impressed me.  Listen to their unplugged "Take It Easy".  It's nice song.  For more info check them out at links below. More Info >>>>


Pane Doungpasert is another Lao up and coming singer/writer, a next generation artist of Lao.

This is the first album from Pane Doungpasert "TANG HANG FUN" from the producer of Sithipone and Alexandra.  The collection of 10 quality tracks, all are written by Pane himself.  His raw, full on, authentic vocal no doubt will keep you coming back for more.  [More info]



It has been several years since Techno Friend graced and changed the face of Lao pop/rock music.  Then there was Ang Othong appeared solo in our music scene.  In the time we have Xay, Noy, Xay, Mike, Joey, Chitpanya, Sarky and the Exile.  They have pushed Lao music to new height.  Now, SITHIPHONE SOUVANNASOUK, the-then-lead-singer of the Laos famous pop/rock band, TECHNO FRIEND, stands up to this competition with his new solo album,  “BORN AGAIN”.   [more info]

For those who like it Lao!  If you like your sound of music as true-to-life as possible, THAYVADA has thunder sound just for folks like you.  It loaded with latest enhancements.

It's funk, not too fast with just right synth sounds, rumpling, Euro, funky melody and catchy track.  Don't miss this up lifting high energy trance.  It sure will get your ears ringing, feet rumpling and head spinning. More Info


TONIGHT, feeling lucky?   Look out for Nikki's TONIGHT!  It's the latest release from Nikki.  This one sees him do 10 songs.  The tracks include nine brand new songs which are written by the man himself and one classic song that he sings & dedicates that for the love of his life...

 [More info]

pamela PAMELA

Let's us present to you our new, young, sweet, beautiful, talented, formidable Miss D Vongdara.     

Pamela "I am currently working on my first album.  Hopefully, It will be ready by the end of this year.  I have no idea what it will be called.  It's a secret!  In this album there will be at least 10 to 12 songs and they will be in Lao, English and maybe in French".   [More info]


  • BY Eddie Lovan

NEWMOON,  when it comes to variety, this band has it all.   

Newmoon recorded all of their music at their own studio.  Their third album has just been released.  The music style of Newmoon consists of classic and modern, mixed in with a swooping, melodic guitar that you just can't ignore. [More info]


His songs are about loving and having fun.  If you listen to his songs you’ll get the intense emotion from passionate feelings of love. 

Nikki is another Lao artist coming into this world to add a bit of funk & rock to Lao music.  He’s raw talent. 


Phouvanh Mekmoragoth is widely known for his creation of great music and he is simply known as SARKY.  Sarky has released five albums. The sixth, he is about to....

After writing many songs and making several albums, Sarky was signed by Grammy, a Thai music company to play lead guitar for The Exile.  


An university graduated young man full of hot blood, clear vision, a real performer, and   master of song writer.  Joey and I have been mate for many years dated back to the 1980's.  [More info]











    Eddie  Bayluangrath

The Exile
Noy Sydanon
Mag #1

Art & Culture

Anuthida - / Nice pix


Food & Dessert

Wat Prayortkeo, Australia


Name: Andy

Status: Single

Religion: Buddhist

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Children: No: Haven't found the right mother of  my child yet.  Yeah one day.

Personality: • Adventurous • Confident • Easy-going • Independent •Supportive

My Interests: • • Kite surfing • Travel •

My Sports: • Play Tennis

My Music: • Lao folk music known as Morlum.

What I'm Looking for: Tell you the truth, I am not so sure what I am looking for but I am looking.

My Turn Ons: • Beauty • Erotica • Public Affection

What I find sexy: woman curve.

My most humbling moment was: Every moment

Ideal  woman: Black, long & curly hair, nice smile, confident, simple and last but not least beautiful.

5 items I cannot live without: Good food, good wine, nice house, fast Car and beautiful woman.

Favourite Singer: Thidavanh Bounxouay

Favourite Band: Cells

Favourite Movie: Something About Mary

This is photo gallery of my sister's new shop.  We spent the whole day finishing off some minor details that needed to be done. For those who have not been there if you have some times please feel free to drop by.  She and several of her staffs will make you most welcome.  These are some services that they specialise in: manicure deluxe, pedicure with paraffin, paraffin treatment (hand and foot), eyelash extension, professional spray-on tan, body waxing (male & female), facial, massage therapy, make up, ear piercing or to find out more do contact her. Good luck sis!

Latsamy Thai Restaurant is located at the “M” Centre on Flinders Way, Canberra ACT Australia.  For more information call 6295 0426 or 6295 3702  or visit






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