Excellent songs have been released by this group of friends who are from different professions coming together to form music group known as Mao Mun. Peth, Alex Smoke, E.I.P x J.O.E make up Moa Mun. 

Songs such as “ໃຫ້ອ້າຍໄປສົ່ງ” in English meaning “I’ll Take You Home”, a fusion of folk and house music is an awesome song! “I Like You” ( ມັກເຈົ້າ ) is another song which almost has one million views already since it has been uploaded to youtube. Their latest is “Fall In Love” ຕົກຂຸມຮັກ.


Their latest official music video a song called "Fall in Love"

Q&A Mao Mun band members took some times answering questions posted to them by fans

Music video

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