Small group of rock artists from Vientiane capital city come together to form an association as a result Mahorn Records formed. They come together bringing their creative ideas or own experience to share with their peers. They are able to play real rock music together and eventually release good quality songs to the wider audience to enjoy and hopefully their talent, time or effort are appreciated. The main objective is simply to keep constantly producing new rock songs.
Mahorn Project 2018 is currently taking shape where final album will have fifteen fabulous rock songs by five outstanding artists or bands namely Boxer, K Tuxedo, Leprozy, Oops and Sokoi. Five songs will be released in three separate stages. Lastly the main event will be ultimate concert to showcase their songs and everyone will be able to support by purchasing their newly released album. This hopefully will elevate rock music to new height.
Here are recently songs from the album. Check them out

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