With his unique blend of catchy of pop and country melodies and impeccable lyrics, Bounthieng Mannivong has lived three decade of frenzy of creative output and touring the world.

This is a very Lao sound of music as you can get. After listening to these songs over and over again, Bounthieng Mannivong – your country needs you. Country sound is for sure the music of choice for many Laotians. A former Song Contest Festival winner back in Laos in the 70s, he has been entertaining us ever since. Wow!

Resides currently in Melbourne, Australia, however he’s so far released two albums and toured extensively across Australian east coast and other continents. The first album is “Top Hit New & Classic Songs (ຍອດເພັງຮີດອັມຕະ ທັງໄໝ່ແລະເກົ່າ) “. There are twelve fantastic songs in the album. Ten well written songs are in the latest known as “Xepone”. Bounthieng’s two albums recorded in Melbourne, Australia and they both produced by P & N Saykao Pty Ltd.

“Thim” meaning “Toss away” is one of his many hit songs. It’s written by Thai famous singer/song writer who was band member of The Outsider. They too started their music venture in Melbourne, Australia. A few years after Bounthieng Mannivong released this song, Arismann, a Thai singer also released this same song. It turned out to be hot hit song in Thailand.

This is another good example of how our artist trying to do a little bit of their own thing to improve Lao music by collaborating with other artist from other country.


10 songs from second album – Xepone



12 fantastic songs from première album – “Top New & Classic Hit Songs”



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