After wowing music fans with their “Yood Vera” album, Chitpanya is ready to tackle the notoriously difficult follow-up offering.  After serious listens to their revamped songs from their latest album called “Tribute Chitpanya Revamp”, the only difficult thing will be getting your hands on this excellent CD.  With their outstanding vocals, dynamic guitar playing, husky voices, romantic lyrics, it’s hard not to fall in love with this Lao sensation all over again.


There are eleven outstanding revamped healthy rock and pop tracks in this CD.  From track number one right to the very last, you will be mesmerised not only by dynamo produces, but also the emotional range of a few well timed ballads they cover.  This will be another album that will definitely take them to another height.

Their aim is to keep Lao music moving and grooving.  Their music will surely add class and dept to Lao music coming from a classy and experience band such as Chitpanya.

Chitpanya “Our hope for the future generation is to preserve Lao traditions, and keep them alive.  No matter where we are.  Laos will always be the home in our heart.  There are so many usdiscovered talents within our Lao community. Some day when our network is bigger and stronger, our voice will be heard”

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Ten (10) songs from Yood Vera (ຢຸດເວລາ) album




Eleven (11) songs from Tribute Chitpanya Revamp album



Excerpts from NOOMLAO, 1986 self title LP include ຄອຍມ, ການິຖາມ, ສຸດທີ່ຮັກ, ຄືນແຫ່ງຄວາມຝັນ ແລະ ດົນຕີ


THE INTERVIEW  Give us a bit of CHITPANYA history?

CHITPANYA:  Noy, Sy and Tic were part of the band “NoomLao”. The brothers later relocate to Nashville, Tennessee. Vandy was with a band “Vanteria”. He later then relocate to Nashville, Tennessee. Fortune brought us to combined FORCE then resulting the “Yud Vay Lah” CD.  When did you first bitten by music bug?

CHITPANYA:  So many great musicians to name that we admire. One in particular for me(Tic) was “Randy Rhodes” of Ozzy Ousbourne (Diary of the Madman). He was an awesome guitarist.  How many albums have you released?

CHITPANYA:  4, with “Yud Vay Lah” being our 5th.  How would you describe the resulting sound of your latest CD? Type of music/sound/vision/…….

CHITPANYA:  Rock / Pop / Metal, We love all types of music, hence the result of the CD has many different styles of music.  Was there something significant that happened in your life that you needed to write a song in your first album?

CHITPANYA:  Just enjoy playing and writing music for artistic expression and relaxation from the reality of life.  What is your favourite song in your new CD? Why?

CHITPANYA:  All, each song express different vibes and musical styles.  Musical influence or role models?

CHITPANYA:  Other musicians.  What do you use as inspiration for your songs?

CHITPANYA:  Life experiences.  Unusual thing that happened while recording your latest album?

CHITPANYA:  The darn hard drive (computer) crashed, had to start all over again. The worse day ever.  How happy have you been with the response to your last album?

CHITPANYA:  The words still has to get out, but in general, from other musician peers, old fans, and new fans, “very rewarding that at least one or more people can relate to our music.”  Have you played gigs, functions, parties much?

CHITPANYA:  We used to a lot, but lately we have been swamped with work. We love to play.  What sort of gigs do you prefer to play?

CHITPANYA:  Does not matter, as long as it’s entertaining to others.  Do you ever get nervous when performing live or in front of large audience?

CHITPANYA:  Always, every time in the beginning.  What covers do you do on stage?

CHITPANYA:  Variety.  what does next 12 months in store for CHITPANYA? 2 years, 5 years,………

CHITPANYA:  Keep making music as long as there is a fan out there and as long as there are inspirations to motivates us to keep going.  Are you planning to go on tour soon?

CHITPANYA:  Definitely, but we have not figure out our schedules just yet.  What have you learnt from show business?

CHITPANYA:  There is not a business about this, we are creating music for our audience/fans that will in turn give us the encouragement/inspiration to keep going.  What do you do for fun? hobbies…?

CHITPANYA:  Besides music, tennis, soccer, basket ball, voley ball, fishing, golf, motorcycling…………………………..  Is being a star difficult?

CHITPANYA:  Star !@#$% what? Hehehe… 🙂 We definitely don’t consider ourselves being stars. We are artists who convey our thoughts/passion towards our audience. All we ask, is for someone to relate to us.  Have you got what you want out of your music career?

CHITPANYA:  Yes artistically/musically, No financially.  Have people changed their tastes in music?

CHITPANYA:  Don’t know, everyone has their own tastes and moods…….



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