This beauty from Ton Aniluth is sure geared up to be number one hit song in the land of million elephants.  It’s called Suksee meaning Dignity.  It released under steady guidance of Tee Udalai, one of the best pop music promoters, songwriters and producers.

Even since appearing at That Laung Music Concert along with many famous Lao artists from over country, Ton’s popular’s soaring.  It’s sure boosting his self confidence being recognised as one of the most promising rising star.

Suksee showcases Ton’s unique quality.  Sure, it’s familiar territory and after all he is Tee’s confidant and a really good one indeed.  He has crafted some of the most beautiful Lao pop songs.  The sensual voice with a combination of his personal asset of overwhelming good look, the future is bright indeed for him in this industry.


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Suksee aired on Lao television recently in Entertainment Zone Show

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