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There is no secret, a combination of smart and hard work, an ironclad work ethic and single minded determination to produce the best pop song ever, resulted in yet another brilliant love song by a more subdued, relaxed and content Mouky Phong-Oudom. This is “ເຮົາຮັກກັນໄດ້” Hao Hukun Dai in English meaning “We Can Love”. It is yet another Mouky Phong-Oudom at his best. Music is by Chalaboud and it’s written by Galaxy. Music Video shot entirely in Vientiane Capital by UFO team.

ພູມໃຈສະເໜີຜົນງານເພງ #ໜາວໃຈ

ພູມໃຈສະເໜີຜົນງານເພງ#ໜາວໃຈເພງ : ໜາວໃຈນັກຮ້ອງ : ມຸກກີ້ ພົງອຸດົມປະພັນເພງ : ອາຈານ ກໍກຳພ້າສະຕູດີໂອ : ອາຈານ ບຸດມິວສິກວິດີໂອ : ຊູຊີຖ່າຍ

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moukyThis will be a good start for 2009 with the release of this beautiful album, whose secret was a combination of smart and hard work, an ironclad work ethic and single minded determination to produce the best Lao pop/rock song ever.  Brilliant “Mouky  Phong-Oudom Love song” is a recycle of classic love songs from the past to modern, cool and contemporary pop/rock songs.
To re master famous songs from the past is not easy thing to do.  But with his experience and technical expert of his colleague from around the globe, Mouky has made these songs his own.  These ten fantastic songs – Barnhao, I Jakoy, Henpeng sayka, Yahoung, O Suthihug, 1 Nyana, Joop Fukhug, Huaehug Tahoaji, Phadak Konhi, and Hug 1 Jidio are some of the most famous Lao songs ever.  They performed by some of the best artists of them all.  Recorded at Insy Studios with the aid of friendssuch as Thongsai and Chan and Video & promotional teams in Laos leaded by Phady, their influences are experienced throughout thanks to a clear and professional production.

Mouky spent some times travelling across Laos making music video for all songs in this album.  They boast an amazing cast, including Parn – a soul singer from Savannakhet province, Mag – a folk rock singer, Phady – a lead singer from the Sapphire, Dark – a band member from Leprozy heavy metal band, others contributed artists and most importantly those beautiful models.  They are magnificent looking girls.  Pure Hot!


Ten (10) fantastic love songs from Mouky Phongoudom Love Song Album



Mouky  Phong-Oudom Love song”  is a contemporary pop/rock with flair.   Mouky added acoustic, rock, string, attitude & pushed the beautiful sound into spaces where few of our small city contemporaries dared inhabit.  His presentation of beautiful pop/rock songs demonstrates powerful force with sensitivity, conveying an unpretentious masculinity without hiding vulnerability.  His expression of desire, passion, and lust gave the sound an emotional dept.  This is so cool, polished, elegant, energetic, razor-sharp pop rock sound album.  It is quality commercial & impressive stuff.

Expect this album to gain Mouky a whole host of new fans (even more fans than he gained from The Bohaln).  His transformation from hardcore punk heavy metal to pop/rock artist has completed.  Mouky rocks on!


Ten (songs) from Bohaln heavy metal band



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