He has achieved the most amazing fusion of art and sound from his latest experiment I ever heard.  This will be another indication of how darn good his or Lao music will be. No doubt, this album will be instantly powerful, intricately compelling, has immerse longevity and his unique artistic statement.  More >> . More info Rating:


Willy Denzey, another brilliant R&B artist from France released his third single from the album ACTE II.  Check it out Rating:

At last we have Joey Sisouvath third album.  As documented that last week we interviewed him for our TV section.  His brand new songs uploaded.  If you like what you hear then grab them from music store now.  More info  Rating:


This Hip Hop song from Lao Crimino will surely set a new bench mark for Lao Hip Hop and will become most talked about song of all time in the history of modern Lao music.  This group of Lao Crimino will conquer and lay claim their Hip Hop territory.  There is no shocking rhymes here but smooth, beautiful and perfect .....Pix of Lao Crimino  More info Rating:


  By Andy

An Asian American MC has shown his notorious bright lights and simultaneously brought a measure of humour in the Pacific Northwest. He has opened shows for heavyweights.  You saw the video of "Getdown". You may have a small glimpse of him. So, strap up your Bentley seat belts and prepare to experience something way beyond your way of imagination. Welcome to the world of "The Bona Brothers" Playboy Tre & Sonny Bonoho experience.  Telling You is a spanking new song.


Hype & anticipated debut album of Sonny Bonoho, Life of a Backup Singer.  With no speculation necessary this is the album. It is well thought out and hip hop fun album.  Known for his satiric style rhyming.  He is the funkiest artist around. This album is packed with juicy urban beats, dance floor shaking anthems that are sure to please club goers and more....  The first track of this album is Get Down.  Watch music video clip here. 


Introducing another quirky Lao hip hop artist, who has been making some noises in the Northwest for some times.  According to inside information, he has no doubt been one of many Lao hip hop artists in the States that really make a name for himself.

Born in Ubon, Thailand.  He is Lao though.  He is Sonny Thongoulay aka Sonny Bonoho from Seattle.  He is the only Asian American known on the music scene as one of the best music mixers in the Pacific Northwest. 

After the finals of Amateur Fest at the Apollo, he got to open shows for Snoop, BG, Master P, Devin the Dude, and Twista.  After countless tours States wide and collaborations, he released Life of a Backup Singer album.  But it’s his distinct sound, originality, innovative, creative fashion that has ensured his name’s become a staple feature in conversation at the dinner table.  For full details of accomplishment refer to his websites. 

For the latest track and music video of “Get Down” check his official website or his space below.



To listen to his latest song refer to sites below



hot link to Get Down Music Video



video link: www.sonnybonoho.com/video...wn_low.asx




No.1 Telling You


1Sonny Bonoho Seed

2 Mmm, Mmm

3 Spaceship

4 Telling You ft. Playboy Tre of Ga Durt & Elijah

5 50 Ways

6 Gibberish ft. Bohagon of Ga Durt/ BME Records

7 Christian Girl ft. Elijah

8 My Dreams ft. Rudi Deville

9 Getdown ft. Playboy Tre

10 Faith ft. LC & Elijah

11 Oink, Oink

12 Papa Drama

13 Fo Free

14 Me & You ft. Humpty of Digital Underground

Released 2006


2050 Entertainment

Executive Producer

Sonny Bonoho

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