Here is a song about schooling by one of Lao most notorious soulful singer known as Tee Oudalay. Talking about class, his latest song Mor 5 (That is senior year in secondary school) has definitely class of its own: the music, lyrics, melody and vocal. It is outrageously beautiful. Mr Tee penned this from his own experience. In fact, most songs from second album are coming from his heart.


Origin: Lao/Vientiane
Genres: Pop/Rock
Facebook: Tee Oudalay
Youtube: Tee Oudalay






Cute. That’s the word that comes to mind when listening to this. And that’s it.

Listen to new song from one of the most exciting acts on Lao scene. Breaking the traditional “Lao Derm or Lumvong” by coming out with this amazing pop/rock album.

He has established himself as formidable artist around. Mr. Tee certainly sounds relaxed and assured.
We might as well get used to the fact that these days there are many talented artists around out there waiting to be discovered. He is one of them, a truly local.

Itsa, kortod, fukji, siwid tileur, numta lukpoosi, sailam, ….tracks like these make up of more than half the album. They are simply outstanding!

Nicely crafted melodies and imagery-laden lyrics are extremely well-delivered by a crunchy voice like he’s caught in his zipper. Well, he pops his rock off.

Sometimes things are beautiful purely for their simplicity and consistency. Striking the balance between emotive vocals and beautiful music, this is a worthy pop/rock album.



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