“Don’t turn off your light” is very first song in English unleashed by this savvy, cool and calm Super One.  Song has this international favour and harmony by featuring hot young Laurent Pras.

It has been a while since his last track released and it’s sure worth a wait.  This fun music video shot exclusively in France just for your pleasure.  Matter of fact all of his new songs from up and coming album are shot entirely.  Songs will be in English, Lao or Lao mix with English.

Super One rocketed to fame with his première and brilliant song called “ສິ່ງຫນຶ່ງທີ່ຢາກຂໍ” in 2010.  He has appeared in print media and television as well as those from neighbouring country.  However he started off as dancer.

Lately he has been organised music festival and also he has appeared in ones as quest singer around South East Asia nations.  Many well international artists noticeably have rented their supports by appearing in his events.  For more information about Super One do check out link below.


Origin: Lao/Vientiane
Genres: RnB and House
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