Be on look out for another raw, powerful and thundering sound heading your way. It’s from another rock sensation goes by the name of Sandwich.  So far they have released two songs officially.  Première song is carefree and totally joyous “Airhead” or in Lao meaning “ຫູເບົາ”.  Following on by another screaming guitar driven rock song called “Knife Edge” or in Lao meaning “ຄົມມີດ”.  These two tracks showcase their exceptional and artful talent.  Impressive effort indeed!


This band sum up our love for drumming, thunder of guitars driven to the point of exhilaration and a classic blast of energy.  Lyrically songs are beautiful and vocally a perfect fit chanted over cocky power chords.  Guitarist puts in hard yards here to not only deliver memorable guitar solo but also killer riffs.



Origin: Lao/Vientiane

Link: Facebook

Genres: pop and rock












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