Classic and Beautiful Nutludy

It seems Nutludy Sihamayavong has come out from nowhere to be the new darling of music. This folk rock song called “York Fan Khao” meaning “Just Teasing” from Nutludy premier album by far is an absolute gem. The song and sound are simple, refreshing and smooth. Nutludy sings beautiful country song, absolutely nails the classic folk rock songs. Moreover, she simply has a stunt looking.

“York Fan Khao” is from an album called ” Sao Phu Tai Kai Bann” and it’s Written by Monenoy Phetdonghene. It produced by welled known TS Studio Record label Company, Ban. HarsaiKhaow, M. Hardsaifong,Vientiane.

There are many outstanding songs from this exciting album namely classic folk Bau Jau Kon Lai Jai, sweet Sao Phu Tai Kai Baan, simple classic folk Nutludy Won Fan, beautiful Kithot Mae, classic rock Muk Bao Hoon Hia or folk rock York Fan Khao. These are some the most beautiful classic folk songs ever. Nutludy Rocks!


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