In the late 1990s, LaoPress & Entertainment Group ( combined musical force with FANFAM Entertainment.  From musical genius of FANFAM and event management expert of LaoPress & Entertainment, we coordinated one of the biggest concert ever.  It was difficult one as well.   We'd learned so much from this and no doubt we have more to learn.  We toured Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

The above picture may look simple, plain, and normal of ordinary people but in fact it demonstrates a musical landscape of Laos.  Xay Phousavanh, Daraphet P, Andy Chanthavixay. 

Xay is a Chinese Lao born in Laung Prabang, owner of FANFAM Entertainment.  Never seen anyone more Lao than this guy, a excellent song writer, musical magician, generous man with a huge heart.  FANFAM - Music distributor, producer, band, recording, producer of music video.

Daraphet is famous Lao singer and she has made a career out of singing, a true star of Laos.  A Vietnamese Lao from Vientiane, she used to tour France, America, Canada, Australia, and many part of European nations. She comes from a musical, business family -  husband is song writer, keyboard/guitar player, jeweller, jewellery shop operator, sons are owners of Indie Records company and other businesses.

Andy was born in Ban Donko, Pakse.  100% Lao and proud.   This typical southern, unorthodox, quirky, self promoted, sex symbol, dark man is owner of LaoPress & Entertainment, publisher of



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