Excellent songs have been released by this group of friends who are from different professions coming together to form music group known as Mao Mun. Peth, Alex Smoke, E.I.P x J.O.E make up Moa Mun. 

Songs such as “ໃຫ້ອ້າຍໄປສົ່ງ” in English meaning “I’ll Take You Home”, a fusion of folk and house music is an awesome song! “I Like You” ( ມັກເຈົ້າ ) is another song which almost has one million views already since it has been uploaded to youtube. Their latest is “Fall In Love” ຕົກຂຸມຮັກ.

For more info check links below

Mao Mun Music channel (youtube)

Mao Mun Music (facebook)

Their latest official music video a song called "Fall in Love"

Q&A Mao Mun band members took some times answering questions posted to them by fans

Previous released music video

Photo gallery

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