If you like Celine Dion’s or Jennifer Lopez’s albums then Sirikith Chittarath’s première album is for you.

All lyrics on this album are written by Kith herself except one song sLuck JiD which was written by Master KhamLa NoKeogh. All music arranged and mixed down by Kingphet Soukhasem at KISP Studio of Fresno, Ca.

An impressive debut CD, nice and easy listening ballads feature hit songs Famonh, DouangJai Nai Kabkeo, Saluck Jid, 12 tracks in all.

Kith “some of these songs were written more than a decade ago. I’ve always dreamed but never would have thought that my creation would come alive….”

Kith “Thanks Somphet for encouraging me to keep on writing and big fat kisses and hugs for King Phet who arranged and mixed down all songs”.

She is currently working on her second album titled “Candle of Life, Candle of Love” with Lao title “Patheep Nai Duang Jai” dedicated to her mother. And as usual, She’s writing her own material. Hopefully It will be ready by the end of this summer. There will be more catchy lyrics and rhythms with younger generation in mind. would like to say thank you for contributing and would like to congratulate you on your first CD and hard work. SPIRIT is the word. Good on ya, Kith.




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