Gifted blind singer Thongvone Khunnara has been living in suburb of Sydney, Australia for more than thirty years.  She’d released three albums officially. One of them has right over.

Thongvone used to be well known amongst our small community in Australia after the release of her third album. At parties or functions all you could hear her songs. In fact she was famous all over the world.  She’d toured France, America and did some concerts with LaoPress & Entertainment in Sydney, Australia.

We decided to re-release her third album. The entire songs in CD have been digitally re-mastered.  Well, here is your chance to listen to her songs in the luxury of your own time.

For those who wonder how she has been doing. We did have a chat with her recently. She has been doing great and some day she likes to record another album. She is still living in Sydney, Australia but has moved to bigger and better place.

From old site

GENRE: Country music

Residence: City of Fairfield, Sydney Australia





Arrangement Music Recording by Nai Nhone Company

Music by 7 UP



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