There is no denying one of the most popular singers is Taiy Akard. He continues to reign supreme as one of the most enduring and musically successful pop artist over the past years. He has had so many excellent top pop songs namely ອີກວັນທີເຫງົາ, ແທງ, ປົດປ່ອຍ etc… His latest track is simply outstanding. It’s “ຈົນກ່ວາວັນສຸດທ້າຍ – Jon Kao Van Sood Tay” meaning “Until the Last Breath”. He joins forces with beautiful movie star or pop singer Namfon Inthavong to bring out love feeling overflows with exuberance (https://www.facebook.com/namfon.inthavong.37) Taiy Akard is also one of many artists to come out of Indee Record Company.


Many of his excellent songs are available from their facebook or youtube below. Once you are there do follow or subscribe to their pages so you will be the first to know when you post latest song.


Genre: Pop

Residence: Vientiane

Facebook:  Taiy Akard

Record company: Indee Record 

Youtube: Indee Record









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