SARKY  what is happening these days musically?

SARKY:  Musically, our music video project is on hold because of re-location, second album is in the making, and forming a new band in Northern California ( soon to be update).  where do you think sarky is headed?

SARKY:  Sarky is very occupied with his new projects.  have you always been into music?

SARKY:  Always have been & it's probably the only hobby that can not quit.  how many instruments can you play?

SARKY:  guitar to Si-sor (trying), piano, bass, drum...but not wind instrument <<<< (someday)...on a wish list right now.  apart from music what are some of your interest?

SARKY:  camping, hiking, movies and love dancing but can't dance <<<<shhhhhh.  Love exotic cars.  what sets your apart from the rest?

SARKY:  Sarky is a perfectionist.  For example - The recording of the recent album finished a year earlier before he finally released it.  We weren't happy with the first cover design so we had to re-design again.  It took three months.  And re-master took six months just to get the sound that we're happy with.  you have written a lot of songs, have you favourite of your own?

SARKY:  Love every songs.  Snay Sao Kon Gharm is for
romantic,  Gap Ma Hug Gun Yay is for meaningful, and Kon Hed garn is fun and cheerful but down to earth song.  How happy have you been with the response to your last album?

SARKY:  Very happy to have tremendous supports from fans.  Many royal and new fans have visited to sample our sound of music and leave many positive and encouraged messages.  We are delighted!  Very happy to know that we have many supporters out there.

Finally, Sarky would like to say thank you to all our fans and  promoters around the world.  Special thanks to and Lao Artists Club who always follow up and have never given up on Sarky, even when you didn't get his reply.  

Thanks Andy, and we shall keep in touch.