Watch a video interview with Pra Ajarn Noy.  He talked about his projects in Laos, shelters for orphans, nursery schools, nursing homes, traveling, temples in Australia, the USA, Canada, France, England, Germany.......  He also talked about Lao monks in foreign land.  This is three minutes video

This video was taken during Pra Ajarn Noy and his entourages made a visit to my uncle house to pray respect to my Grand Dad.  They'd known for a long time.  My Grand dad had been a monk since 1966.  During 12/2002 he paid off over $A250,000 loan for Wat Buddhameta, Australia.


Another Building

This building is used to house orphans. The top is used to house girls and lower one is for boys. This is also a nusery school.

Wat Si AM Phon

The temple where Pra Ajarn Noy is the Abbot, Wat SiAmPhon. The temple displays rare, priceless and master pieces Lao achitecture and arts.

Donor & Pra Ajarn Noy

Generous donor with Pra Ajarn Noy. The big Buddha statue is built with original pieces of materials from the Buddha statue. The pieces are the nose and the two pair of hands. The Buddha stutue is believed to be built long before Lan Xang era.

Another project

Another project is on the way.

Another building

Another building is being built to accommodate more people


Nusring home

Nursing Home

Nursing home for the aged and disable person.

School for children

This is one of Primary school built by Pra Ajarn Noy.

Princess Anne and Pra Ajarn Noy

After Princess Anne of Great Britain met with Pra Ajarn in Queensland at EXPO. She was so impressed with his works. She made a rare visit to Wat Si Am Phom in Laos to see this tireless, devoted monk's works.

Pra Ajarn Noy with Princess Anne of Great Britain

Princess Anne toured traditional medical centre establsihed by Pra Ajarn Noy in Laos

Pra Ajarn Noy

The Abbott Venerable Pra Ajarn Noy since 1982 established temple in The USA, Australia, Canada and France. He has been travelling extensively throughout Europe and Asia. His base is at Wat Si-Am Phom.